The 1914 Teaching -- "Sacred Secret" or Falsehood?

Longstanding Biblical doctrines and practices given close examination here. Examples of inaccuracies and of poor Biblical scholarship shown here.

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The 1914 Teaching -- "Sacred Secret" or Falsehood?

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Part 1.

Today, because of the internet and other modern means of communication, yes, more and more Jehovah's Witnesses are beginning to find out that many of their teachings are not rooted in Holy Scripture as they once thought. In fact, many of Jehovah's Witnesses today, are even finding out that some of their most prized and admired teachings, are actually false teachings or false doctrines that when examined, are merely "commandments of men," that have been wickedly perpetrated upon themselves by the Watchtower Society -- something Jesus specifically condemned as a part of one's worship to Jehovah. (Mark 7:6-9) And albeit, yes, the teaching of 1914 has proven itself to be one of those teachings, an "artfully contrived false story" that first century christians were specifically warned against participating in. Yes, we remember Peter, under inspiration, gave this clear directive to first century christians,

"No, it was not by following ARTFULLY CONTRIVED FALSE STORIES that we acquainted you with the power and presence of our Lord Jesus Christ, but it was by having become eyewitnesses of his magnificence." -- 2 Peter 1:16

Some of us may remember this fact: Particularly after the year of 1995 with the release of the October 15th and November 1st Watchtower magazines respectively, and after digesting the contents of these magazines, many Jehovah's Witnesses for the first time, began to discern the unthinkable, yes, that the teaching of 1914 was a complete gimmick, a farce, a giant ruse or falsehood taught to the international brotherhood of Jehovah's Witnesses for many years now. Yes, after that particular year, the fall of 1995. Therefore, after reading those articles, these diligent Jehovah's Witnesses began to search, begin to investigate, to re-examine their beliefs, like the ancient "Beroeans" of the first century, and like Paul recommended for the christians of Corinth during his always "test" and see if one is still "in the faith." (Acts 17:11; 2 Corinthians 13:5) Therefore, after searching, re-examining their beliefs and finally learning that this teaching was completely wrong, and without genuine biblical substantiation or foundation, many of these sincere Jehovah's Witnesses were mortified, horrified, and became speechless for a time. But later, these ones began to speak out, speak out boldly in fact, against this false teaching, and were regrettably, disfellowshipped by the organization of Jehovah's Witnesses. To be sure, many of these brave souls are among us today, as avid members of Jehovah's Witnesses Discussion Boards the world over.

Still others from among their number, other informed Jehovah's Witnesses, begin to secretly advocate or push for a change, within the JW Organization. Many of these are in High Positions within the Jehovah's Witnesses Organization, but they are "secret" disciples of change. Still, these ones want to see this particular false teaching of 1914 and other associated "teachings" fully removed from the organization of Jehovah's Witnesses. They want the organization of Jehovah's Witnesses to discard all such teachings, in an effort of reform for the nation. The formation of this group of Jehovah's Witnesses, became known as secret "reformers" among Jehovah's Witnesses. Secret "advocates" of change. Even today, many of these ones have became "secret" reformers for change, like "Nicodemus" and "Joseph of Arimathea" of Jesus' day. This "secret" group of Jehovah's Witnesses "reformers," became especially apparent, after the fall of 1995. -- John 3:1, 2; John 19:38, 39

However, with this particular viewpoint, comes a special problem. And it is this: while advocating change or reform, secretly from within the Jehovah's Witnesses Organization, what most "reform-minded" Jehovah's Witnesses today do not fully appreciate or understand about the possible discarding of the teaching of 1914, and all such teachings, would be the unseen but yet, serious implications associated with the actual discarding of the teaching of 1914. Yes what it would mean for their religion or faith, to discard it, because we say the teaching is false, when finally examined. They do not truly appreciate, the hidden "albatross" effect, that is forever, draped around the Watchtower Society and all Jehovah's Witnesses' neck, for all eternity...this great "millstone" of a teaching that if anyone attempts to rid himself of, will be doomed to utter self-destruction. Here is why.

You see, what most do not realize about this situation facing all Jehovah's Witnesses inevitably, is that to the Watchtower Society, the teaching of 1914, actually represents the revealing of a "Sacred Secret" from God Himself. And since they have taught this for over 120 years, then understandably that means, the doctrine or teaching cannot be discarded quite so easily. Again, this is because one simple fact...this teaching is viewed as a "Sacred Secret" From God, and as such, thus becomes "evidence" from the Watchtower Society they indeed possess "sacred secrets" from God. Thus, it becomes the kind of teachings just like those teachings that first century christians were given. And that's what will make it so hard, yes next to impossible, for Jehovah's Witnesses to ever, get rid of such a teaching.

We remember, it was the "Sacred Secrets" themselves, provided by the holy spirit, these unique understandings of scripture that differentiated them from those servants of God, first century "Israel," who were still under the Mosaic Law as those who only were given the "framework of the knowledge of the Truth," but nothing more. But first century christians were given, yes, the "Sacred Secrets of the Kingdom," the true understanding of such. -- Romans 2:18-20; Matthew 13:11

Actually, when we look back, it is this unique viewpoint espoused by the Watchtower Society of the doctrine and teaching of 1914 wherein they show, this very teaching itself actually, sets them apart from all other religions of their time. For example the Watchtower magazine of May 1, 1981 on page 17 said the following of the teaching of 1914 and the preaching of the "good news" as foretold by Jesus to come within our day:

"Let the honest-hearted person compare the kind of preaching of the gospel of the Kingdom done by the religious systems of Christendom during all the centuries with that done by Jehovah's Witnesses since the end of World War I in 1918. They are not one and the same kind. That of Jehovah's Witnesses is really "gospel," or "good news," as of God's heavenly kingdom that was established by the enthronement of his Son Jesus Christ at the end of the Gentile Times in 1914."

After reading such a statement, there can be no question but that Jehovah's Witnesses' unique use of the all-important date of 1914 to distinguish themselves, is shown to be a cornerstone teaching, a "touchstone" teaching by which all other religions of this world ARE JUDGED, favorably or unfavorably! Yes, the teaching of 1914 is just that important to the Watchtower Society.

Highlighting that fact, the Watchtower Society has even gone so far as to say that Jehovah's Witnesses have been given a "sacred secret" from God, in this very teaching of 1914. And as we know, it was to the first century christians ONLY, that God gave "sacred secrets" themselves. Jehovah did not give such to the nation of Israel, under the Mosaic Law that did not follow Jesus. Let's notice this fact in the 1975 Watchtower magazine page 96 paragraph 1, which says:

"We today are living in the time when 'that which is complete' is due to arrive. The physical facts in fulfillment of Bible prophecy confirm that Jesus Christ received kingly authority over the world of mankind in 1914 C.E. With that event the "sacred secret" or "mystery" of God was brought to a finish, in the sense that this even removed the mysterious aspect about this kingdom. From that time onward God's people have been experiencing a continued increase in spiritual knowledge and in understanding prophecy. This is in harmony with Daniel 12:4 ... Accordingly, "that which is complete" refers to the full understanding of God's purpose as revealed in the Bible. This being a time for such increased understanding of God's Word and the fulfillment of its prophecies, that 'which is complete' must be at hand."

Clearly above, we see the Watchtower Society regards the teaching of 1914, to be a "sacred secret," a great "mystery" of God, where the "mysterious aspect" about that hidden event, has been brought to a "finish," as mentioned in Revelation 10:7. And of course, it was "brought to a finish," by none other than the Watchtower Society themselves. In other words, understanding the great importance of the year of 1914 itself, is proof the Watchtower Society have been given the "true knowledge" or true understanding of the book of Revelation, as evidenced by this teaching or doctrine of 1914 itself. (Daniel 12:4) And in so doing, it proves that the Jehovah's Witnesses are actually a people that are most blessed with Heavenly Understanding of God's Sacred Secrets, and are truly God's "Anointed" nation of people, who are "called out of darkness" into God's "wonderful light," of our times. Yes, it proves that Jehovah's Witnesses currently are the actual MODERN-DAY EQUIVALENT of first century christians, who were God's "anointed" nation of the first century. Again, the only people so blessed as to be granted the high privilege to come into possession of God's "Sacred Secrets," and the sacred understanding thereof. -- Matthew 13:11; 1 Peter 2:9

But think, if the teaching of 1914 is incorrect, just as many of Jehovah's Witnesses are beginning to say, then doesn't that mean then that Jehovah's Witnesses are actually wrong about one of supposedly a God-Given Sacred Secret -- A most pivotal, powerful Sacred Secret Teaching? And if the teaching of 1914 is wrong, doesn't that mean that Jehovah's Witnesses have not been given "Sacred Secrets" or Divine Understanding, like first century christians?

True we know, Jehovah's Witnesses have a basic understanding of scripture, as they know the trinity is a false teaching, that "hell" is the common grave, and the wicked are not tormented endlessly in a "hellfire". Yes, they also know that the earth, will one day become a paradise, a lasting home for all obedient mankind. But again, these teachings are not necessarily sacred secrets in themselves, in that these are simply Basic Truths, and are part of the "framework of the knowledge of the truth," that Paul spoke about. (Romans 2:20) They are part of the Basic Truths, that have been known for many years, which were passed down by many previous "christian" groups of years gone by, such as the Annabaptists, the Arians, the Abigensenians, the Waldenses, the Lollards, and so on. (For more information on Jehovah's Witnesses possessing a "framework" of Basic Truth which constitutes them as Mystery "Israel" of Bible prophecy, see the link below.)

See Link: Jehovah's Witnesses Measured In The Light Of The Scriptures

As mentioned above, these beliefs taught by the Watchtower Society are actually basic teachings of truth, that have been known for many years now. Therefore, these teachings in themselves, could not differentiate the Jehovah's Witnesses as being any different from any other religion of our times, actually. However, the teaching of 1914, does indeed differentiate Jehovah's Witnesses from all other religions. And that is because, it is claimed to be a "sacred secret" from God. And with that teaching, comes so many other teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses, such as the teachings that says the Faithful and Discreet Slave gets his "appointment" over all of God's "belongings" in 1919. -- Matthew 24:45-47

Therefore, if the teaching of 1914 is wrong, and Jehovah's Witnesses have held this date out to the world of mankind as being the Cornerstone Teaching from Jehovah God Himself, for over 120 years, then doesn't this prove Jehovah's Witnesses DO NOT have an understanding of "sacred secrets" from God? And doesn't this prove that Jehovah's Witnesses are NOT like first century christians, who were anointed. This would mean that Jehovah's Witnesses do not possess any of the "anointed" among them. Because the truly "anointed" of God are always blessed with the understanding of God's "Sacred Secrets," something Jehovah's Witnesses do not have. Also, neither would the truly "anointed" among God's People, preach and teach a false doctrine -- a "artfully contrived false story," as Peter referred to, for over 120 years, without knowing that they were "grieving the spirit," as an "anointed" nation...when they taught it to others. -- Ephesians 4:30; 2 Peter 1:16

Therefore, if we have come to know the teaching of 1914 is not correct, then it behooves us all to also be aware of the fact that an "anointed" people of Jehovah, would not have taught such a doctrine for so many years incorrectly. The holy spirit would not lead God's "anointed" nation of people into something that is later proven to be a "lie." The holy spirit would not move the truly "anointed" to "practice sin" in this manner. No, Jehovah wouldn't let the "anointed" nation of Jehovah's Witnesses "practice" so serious a transgression, over so many years. -- Romans 8:14; 1 John 2:20, 27; 1 John 3:9

Therefore, if the teaching of 1914 is wrong, then Jehovah's Witnesses then as a nation, have not, as of yet, received a true "anointing" from God. And this is because they only have a basic understanding of truth, a basic understanding of matters, just as the first century nation of Israel did, before Jesus came. This is the level we find Jehovah's Witnesses to be on at this time. They are God's Name People, that presently exist with a primitive state of basic knowledge about God, and thus have not been "anointed" as a nation at this time. This "anointing" comes at a future time for them. -- Romans 2:18-20; Joel 2:28, 29

End of Part 1.


Questions for article: "The Teaching of 1914 – Sacred Secret or Falsehood?" (Part I)

1. What has been an aid in helping Jehovah’s Witnesses recognize that not all of their teachings are rooted in the Holy Scriptures, especially their 1914 teaching?

2. What has the 1914 doctrine been shown to be according to 2 Peter 1:16?

3. What did many diligent Jehovah’s Witnesses began to do after considering information in the 10/15/95 and the 11/1/95 Watchtower magazines?

4. Those advocating discarding the 1914 teaching do not fully understand what situation regarding this teaching?

5. What differentiated first century Christians from ancient Israel under the Mosaic Law Covenant?

6. How important is the 1914 teaching to the Watchtower Society according to an article in the 5/1/81 Watchtower?

7. What did they say about the importance of this date in a 1975 Watchtower article?

8. If the above were true then, Jehovah’s Witnesses would be the modern-day equivalent of what group of Christians? But, in reality, what type of knowledge do they possess as described by Paul in Romans 2:20?

9. Now that many Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that the teaching of 1914 is incorrect, what conclusion should they draw?

10. If Jehovah’s Witnesses were an "anointed" nation, what would Jehovah not have allowed, leading to what conclusion?

To get the answers for the review questions CLICK HERE.

"He that is from God listens to the sayings of God..." -- John 8:47

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The Teaching of 1914 -- Sacred Secret Or Falsehood

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Part 2.

The following information is an excerpt taken from the publication called: The "Report" Volume I, pages 79-92.


At this time, it would be good to carefully reread, out loud, Daniel 12:4, 9 for yourself. It states:

"And as for you, O Daniel, make secret the words and seal up the book, until the time of the end. Many will rove about, and the true knowledge will become abundant...And he went on to say: Go, Daniel, because the words are made secret and sealed up until the time of the end."

Now, what did you notice above? Yes, it says quite clearly that the book of Daniel would be sealed, yes "sealed up" until "the time of the end." Now, remember: Jehovah's Witnesses have been taught by the Watch Tower Society that the "time of the end" started with Christ's enthronement in the year 1914, based upon Charles Taze Russell's computations. However, what's odd or puzzling about this statement is that Charles Russell himself drew all of his computations to arrive at this date, entirely from the book of Daniel, before 1914! That's right from the Bible book of Daniel, the "sealed" book, before 1914. Now, you may be saying: "That's crazy...why would the Witnesses believe such a stupid thing as this?" Well, let's examine the following information and see just how this situation developed.


We opened our discussion by talking about the mathematical formula the Watch Tower Society uses to teach the 1914 dogma. Again, we are reminded that the entire doctrine is based upon the theory that Jerusalem was destroyed in 607 BCE, whereupon they begin the count till it reaches the desired date of 1914. The date, 1914, is thought to be the single most powerful evidence of Jehovah's blessing upon this particular people, doctrine-wise. And whom do Jehovah's Witnesses attribute the honor of "discovering" this belief? Why, to the first leader of the movement of "International Bible Students;" the man whose financial fortune actually started publication of Zion's Watch Tower and Herald of Christ's Presence in July of 1879. Yes, the man who became the corporation's first President in 1884. And not only did this man become the first President of the Watch Tower Society, but he was the first man in this movement thought to be the "Faithful Slave" of Matthew chapter 24. Who was he? Why, he was none other than Charles Taze Russell, the first modern-day Jehovah's Witnesses. The man that the Watch Tower Society credits with starting the modern-day movement we know as Jehovah's Witnesses.

There can be no question that many of the fundamental and basic teachings and beliefs of the Jehovah's Witnesses today, such as the error of the Trinity doctrine, the Hellfire doctrine and many more such false teachings, were first formulated by this man. He was a noted author, prolific lecturer, and outstanding public debater of his time. It was his teachings that provided the doctrinal foundation of what we call the Jehovah's Witnesses today. And, the Watch Tower Society, along with Jehovah's Witnesses as a whole, do not hide this plain fact, but are quite proud of their connections with Charles T. Russell. It is commonly felt by Jehovah's Witnesses that throughout history, among all Jehovah's Witnesses, Charles T. Russell did more for the movement than any other single person in the organization.

Therefore, even though, Jehovah's Witnesses didn't get their present name until 1931, nevertheless, it is a commonly accepted fact that Charles Taze Russell was, and still is, thought of as the first of their number in a modern-day sense. In addition to this, many Jehovah's Witnesses feel that God's hand was personally upon Russell when he "discovered" the so-called date of 1914. Yes, Jehovah's Witnesses believe that Jehovah's spirit led Russell to this great Biblical finding. Well, even though Russell was unquestionably an ardent student of the Scriptures, and did formulate many present-day teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses, the Watch Tower Society themselves admit that Russell was not the "discoverer" of the date of 1914 himself. No, but Russell actually got this date from someone else. "Someone else???" you say. Yes, someone else. This is how it happened according to the Watch Tower Society's own publications.

In 1876, Charles T. Russell, borrowed the teaching from a certain N. H. Barbour who was at the time the publisher of The Herald of the Morning. Yes, we said "borrowed the teaching." We can confidently say so because the Watch Tower Society admits that after a series of meetings with N. H. Barbour in the year of 1876, Russell then wrote the article: "Gentile Times: When Do They End?" published by George Storrs in the Bible Examiner. This is the first recorded mention of the date of 1914 by Charles T. Russell. (See the October 15, 1990 Watchtower magazine, pg. 19 footnote.) Let's notice this revealing quote from the publication Jehovah's Witnesses In The Divine Purpose which says:

"Then, in 1876, while Pastor Russell was in Philadelphia on a business trip, he happened to come into possesssion of a copy of the magazine The Herald of the Morning, which you will recall, was being published by N.H. Barbour of Rochester, N.Y. He was surprised and pleased to note that here was another group that expected Christ's return invisibly and, because of the similarity of their views, he read more of this publication, even though he recognized it as an Adventist paper and even though, up to this time, he had had little regard for their doctrines. But Russell was interested in learning from any quarter, whatever God had to teach. He became interested in the chronology set forth in the magazine and immediately got in touch with Barbour to arrange a meeting at Russell's expense in order to discuss this matter further.

"It seems that one of Barbour's group had come into possesion of Benjamin Wilson's Emphatic Diaglott translation of the 'New Testatment.' He noticed, at Matthew 24:27, 37, 39, that the word rendered coming in the King James Version is translated presence in the Diaglott. This was the clue that had led Barbour's group to advocate, in addition to their time calculations, an invisible presence of Christ. Russell had been interested first in the purpose of Christ's return. His realization that it would be invisible led him now seriously to consider the time features. He was satisfied with the evidence Barbour presented." — Pg. 18 3, 4.

Did you notice that the Russell's chonological time calculations actually came from N.H. Barbour and his study group. Yes, it was "their time calculations," as set forth in Barbour's Herald of The Morning, long before Russell began printing any Watchtower publications. It is also interesting to note that Russell's concept of an "invisible presence" was also largely shaped by Barbour's group, using the Emphatic Diaglott Bible.

Charles T. Russell continued his relationship with Barbour as evidenced by the fact that in the next year, 1877, Russell collaborated with Barbour on the book "Three Worlds or Plan of Redemption." Notice this quote from the Watch Tower Society's publication Jehovah's Witnesses In the Divine Purpose pg. 19. 3:

"That same year, 1877, together with Barbour, Russell produced a book called "Three Worlds or Plan of Redemption." Nothing like it had ever been published before. It combined for the first time the explanations of time prophecies with the work of Restitution. At this early date they recognized that the end of Satan's period of uninterrupted rule of the earth, called `gentile times,' would come in 1914."

Did you notice the words,

"they recognized..."

Yes, the Watchtower Society wants the individual Witness to think it was a collaborative effort, a joint effort on their parts. However, the truth of the matter shows that N. H. Barbour was the first to actually direct attention to the year of 1914. After a short period of time, Barbour and Russell ended their partnership. And what happened to the date of 1914? Well, Russell simply took Barbour's date of 1914 and further enhanced it with his own theological interpretations. And what did Russell develop as a doctrine surrounding this date?


Well, surprising as it may seem to Jehovah's Witnesses today, C.T. Russell taught that, as early as of the year of 1798, and later 1799, Christians were supposedly living in what the Bible calls the "time of the end." Yes, first in the year of 1798 and then 1799! This particular date was supposedly prophetically connected to the "French Revolution" somehow. Let's notice the following comment on the subject:

"The overthrow of that dominion in 1798 by the French Revolution marked the beginning of the `time of the end.' — Zion's Watch Tower, August 1879, pg. 24 Watch Tower Society's reprints

But how did they arrive at this particular date? Yes, what was the "formula" used to arrive at this particular date? Well, the publication entitled Creation, published in 1927 by J.F. Rutherford, explains the "formula" used to calculate this all-important date identifying the "time of the end." It states:

"Twelve hundred and sixty years from A. D. 539 brings us to 1799, which is another proof that 1799 definitely marks the beginning of `the time of the end." — pg. 315 (early editions) or pg. 294 (later editions)

Also, C.T. Russell wrote, as published in the November 1, 1914 issue of Zion's Watch Tower this clear statement:

"The year 1799 marked the beginning of the `time of the end,' when various events were to occur." — pg. 5565 Watch Tower Society's reprints.

In fact, as early as 1879, C.T. Russell wrote in the first issue of Zion's Watch Tower his position on the "time of the end" by saying:

"This is the first number of the first volume of `Zion's Watch Tower,' and it may not be amiss to state the object of its publication. That we are living `in the last days' — `the day of the Lord' — `the end' of the Gospel age, and consequently, in the dawn of the `new' age, are facts not only discernible by the close student of the Word, led by the spirit, but the outward signs recognizable by the world bear the same testimony, and we are desirous that the `household of faith' be fully awake to the fact." — Jehovah's Witnesses In The Divine Purpose pg. 21 6

Yes, we can clearly see that C.T. Russell certainly felt that he was living in what the Bible calls, the "time of the end." And the year that marked the start of this period was 1799. Also, Russell further taught that the date of 1874 actually started Christ's invisible parousia, as well as a unique 40-year "harvesting" period of anointed Christians. This Divine "harvest," under the direction of the newly enthroned King, Jesus Christ (as of 1878), would run it's course and reach it's completion in the year of, you guessed it, 1914. And finally, what was to happen after the Divine "harvest" was to be completed, namely in the year of 1914? ARMAGEDDON, that's what. Yes, the year of 1914, was taught by Russell for close to 40 years to be the actual date of destruction for all "gentile nations," who would not submit to Christ's kingship. (After all, they did have 40 years to submit, right?) Therefore, the time now came for Jehovah to remove these stubborn, enemy political nations from His sight. We have three quotes from the Society's own publications to prove these points. First let's notice what was actually taught about the "1874-1914 Harvest." One publication states:

"First of all, Pastor Russell and those associated with him believed Christ's invisible presence in spirit form had already begun in 1874. They realized Christ's main work at that time was to gather those that were his and to free them from the many contradictory teachings as to what the divine will was for them. They believed Christ's purpose in returning was to gather them together, restore the true worship and then, in 1914 at the end of `Gentile Times,' take them into God's kingdom, just as a bridegroom would claim his bride. This meant that the first thing people must do was to forsake Christendom's apostate religion and learn the truth, then actively spread that truth to others." — Jehovah's Witnesses in the Divine Purpose pg. 23 2.

Also the publication, Let Your Name Be Sanctified makes these comments:

"...As far back as 1877 the book Three Worlds, and The Harvest of This World, of which C.T. Russell was the co-publisher, said, under the heading `The Times of the Gentiles,' on page 83, 2, respecting the overturning of God's kingdom in Israel: `Hence, it was in B.C. 606, that God's kingdom ended, the diadem was removed, and all the earth given up to the Gentiles, 2520 years from B.C. 606, will end in A.D. 1914, or forty years from 1874; and this forty years upon which we have now entered is to be such ` time of trouble as never was since there was a nation.'... The seven prophetic times of the Gentiles, or 2520 years, is a long period, and without doubt began where God's kingdom, in the line of David, ended, at the beginning of the seventy years captivity, or B.C. 606. And as from where the harvest of the Jewish age began, to A.D. 70, was forty years so this 2520 years, or the times of the Gentiles, reach from B.C. 606 to A.D. 1914, or forty years beyond 1874." — pg. 305 29.

Yes, CT Russell felt that all the anointed would, at least by 1914, be taken to heaven or "harvested" to complete the Messianic Kingdom arrangement. And what was to happen next to all individuals left in a position of opposition to God's Messianic King in the year of 1914? Let's notice a quote from a Watchtower made by Russell himself, away back in the year of 1889, describing what was to actually occur in the year of 1914.

". . . we consider it an established truth that the final end of the kingdoms of this world and the full establishment of the Kingdom of God will be accomplished by the end of A.D. 1914." (See 1975 Yearbook of Jehovah's Witnesses, pg. 37, 1 and pg. 75, 3.)

Did you notice what he was saying? Yes, Russell was simply stating what he and the entire organization believed in 1879, namely that the "END of the kingdoms of this world" was coming in 1914! Now, some ill-informed Jehovah's Witness might attempt to dispute that fact, but that is precisely what he believed and the Society's own publications prove it! And did the end come in 1914??? Obviously, not. Russell must have recognized that fact no doubt as he lived until the year 1916. Therefore, we can see that there is a big differrence in what Charles T. Russell actually taught, and what Jehovah's Witnesses today actually believe, concerning the date of 1914. Yes, the doctrine of 1914, as taught by Russell, is an entirely different matter from what is presently taught by Jehovah's Witnesses today. Needless to say that, with:

(a) the death of Russell in 1916 and
(b) no resurrection of the church and
(c) no Armageddon or destruction of the nations in sight,

there was great disappointment with many leaving the organization. This indeed did happen. And again, what were they expecting? They were expecting, according to the Watch Tower Society the "final end of the [political] kingdoms of this world!" So, how has the Watch Tower Society survived such a blow of defeat as this? Clearly, their dates, Russell's dates, proved wrong, didn't they? How would the Watch Tower Society handle such a problem? Would they honestly and humbly admit to failure in their predictions of such dates and share responsibility for stumbling so many away from the organization? Would they???


The answer is No! After making more foolish blunders as in pointing forward to the date of 1925, the Watch Tower Society, now under J.F. Rutherford, finally masterminded a concept to further perpetuate Russell's doctrine of 1914 by now saying the actual "presence" of our Lord started in 1914 and not in 1874 as Russell taught. Simply, put: The Watchtower Society put into use the sliding date method. The "sliding date method???...what is that?" you say.

Well, the Watch Tower Society conveniently discarded the date of 1874 altogether, and simply slid the date of the `establishment of Christ's Kingdom and heavenly enthronement' 40 years in advance, from 1874 up to the year of 1914. This year, 1914, would thus mark the start the Biblical period called "the time of the end." Again, 1914 would be the year for the start of Christ's invisible parousia or "presence." Yes, this year would also be the start of the great "Harvest" that Russell talked so much about. Alas, Jesus would now `sit down on his glorious throne and begin separating the sheep from the goats' in the fateful year of 1914! (Matthew 25:31,32) Indeed, it was published in the book The Truth Shall Make You Free, 1943, on page 324, paragraph 1:

"The King's presence or parousia began in 1914, and then his appearing or epiphaneia at the temple came in 1918."

Also the Watchtower of July 15, 1949, page 215, paragraph 22 made this statement:

". . . Messiah, the Son of man, came into Kingdom power A.D. 1914 and...this constitutes his second coming and the beginning of his second parousia . . ." — God's Kingdom of a Thousand Years Has Approached, pp. 209-210, 55.

And what about the date of "Armageddon" — the destruction of all the political nations? Well, again the Society can now teach, using the "sliding date method," the same as Russell namely, that after Jesus completes his work of "harvesting" christians, or the `separating of all sheep from goats' worldwide, then the foretold destruction will occur. Therefore we can see that the basic format for the doctrine that Russell taught is really the same, only the dates have been "slid" around to accommodate the doctrine.

However, keep in mind that the Watch Tower Society cannot, and we repeat, cannot tarnish the image of "Pastor Russell" in any way. No, they cannot because this is the glue for their whole organization, namely this doctrine of 1914. No, but they have to keep Russell's image intact, to keep the organization together.

PLEASE NOTE: If the individual Jehovah's Witness could put the facts of this story together in one concise form, as outlined in this essay, the organization would simply crumble from within, with large numbers leaving the movement, worldwide. And the leaders at "mother Bethel" know this all too well.

Therefore, the leaders of the Watchtower movement, must continue to maintain that Russell was still RIGHT, that is, in what he taught! "But, how was he right, or correct in what he taught?" you may ask. Well, the Society maintains that he was still right because he accurately predicted the end of the "Gentile Times" in 1914. That's right, the end of the "Gentile Times" — namely that of 1914. And that's what really counts!

Notice this comment from the October 15, 1990 Watchtower magazine on this very topic. It reads:

"For 38 years prior to 1914, the Bible Students, as Jehovah's Witnesses were then called, pointed to that date as the year when the Gentile Times would end. What outstanding proof that is that they were true servants of Jehovah! Yet, like first century servants of God, they also had some wrong expectations. For example, they expected that the full number of anointed Christians would be raised to heaven by October 1914. They also thought that the war that started in 1914 would lead directly on to the end of Satan's world." — pg. 19 20.

Did you catch it? In other words, even though CT Russell and the International Bible Students were wrong on virtually every prophecy they interpreted concerning the date of 1914, nevertheless, according to the Watch Tower Society, they still proved to be

"outstanding true servants of Jehovah,"

because of supposedly identifying the start of the "Gentile Times." How ridiculous! Nevertheless, the Watchtower Society must admit, among other things, that:

1) Russell was incorrect in his date for the start of the "time of the end," namely 1799.

2) Russell was incorrect in his teaching that the "war would lead directly to the end of Satan's system" or Armageddon, as of 1914.

3) Russell was incorrect, in his assumption that Christ had entered his "invisible presence" or parousia as of 1874.

4) Russell was again wrong, in his teaching that Christ had indeed assumed kingly power, as of the date of 1878 (3 1/2 after the 1874.)

5) Finally, Russell was wrong concerning a 40-year Harvest, culminating in the resurrection of all anointed to heaven, and the immediate start of the 1,000-year or millenial reign of peace, by Christ Jesus over the earth, as of 1914.

Therefore, in light of all the evidence, we are sure that you can see why this presents a new problem for the Watch Tower Society namely:

how could C. T. Russell have been right, and yet, at the same time, been wrong on so many counts, we ask?

Yes, how could anyone believe that after having been wrong on so many points, that Russell was right in his calculations that the "Gentile Times" actually ended in the fall of 1914? Who could really place confidence in the findings of Charles T. Russell, after having heard the whole story?


Proverbs 18:13 makes this plain statement:

"When anyone is replying to a matter before he hears [it], that is foolishness on his part and a humiliation."

Yes, have we as Jehovah's Witnesses, truly heard the whole story? In fact, after you have `heard' more about this story, this teaching of 1914, more of the whole story, does not the 1914 doctrine sound like what Peter warned against, namely `following an artfully contrived false story' -- something first century christians were specifically warned against doing? (2 Peter 1:16) And, could we not say that in our zealous preaching of this doctrine that we are perhaps, `replying to a matter' without the benefit of first `hearing' the whole story surrounding the date of 1914? And finally, if the above is accurate, that is in the least bit, isn't it true that the house-to-house preaching of the date 1914 is in itself a sham, a hoax, a "humiliation" that has been played upon us as Jehovah's Witnesses, by the Watch Tower Society themselves? Remember, we as Jehovah's Witnesses, owe it to ourselves to give this `artfully contrived story' of 1914 another look — yes, a close examination. We, as Truth-seekers, need to personally examine this doctrine in line with what Paul said at Acts 17:11. It states:

"Now the latter [Beroeans] were more noble-minded than those in Thessalonica, for they received the word with the greatest eagerness of mind, carefully examining the Scriptures daily as to whether these things were so."

Yes, the "Beroeans" checked the Scriptures, `to see if these things were so.' No, they did not simply take Paul's word for it. No, but they checked for themselves! Again, we invite all who subscribe to the doctrine of 1914, to examine this particular teaching.

Ask yourself:

Is the teaching of 1914 scripturally sound? Do I personally have all of the facts surrounding this date?

The publication You Can Live Forever in Paradise on Earth made this most enlightening comment about the need to examine one's personal beliefs, in religious matters. And we quote:

"How should you feel if proof is given that what you believe is wrong? For example, say that you were in a car, traveling for the first time to a certain place. You have a road map, but you have not taken time to check it carefully. Someone has told you the road to take. You trust him, sincerely believing that the way he has directed you is correct. But suppose it is not. What if someone points out the error? What if he, by referring to your own map, shows that you are on the wrong road? Would pride or stubbornness prevent you from admitting that you are on the wrong road? Well, then, if you learn from an examination of your Bible that you are traveling a wrong religious road, be willing to change. Avoid the broad road to destruction; get on the narrow road to life! — Pg. 32 20

Therefore, in view of this fine counsel from the Watch Tower Society, we as Jehovah's Witnesses the world over, certainly should be more than willing to `examine' our present beliefs concerning 1914, in the light of the Holy Scriptures, wouldn't you say? Yes, we should be willing to take another look at Charles T. Russell as well as the present day teachings of the Watch Tower Society concerning this particular date of 1914, to see if we have been really exalting Truth or "foolishness," in our door-to-door, yes house-to-house ministry. Think about it.


Therefore, when we think again of the book of Daniel being "sealed up" until the "time of the end," this vital point comes to mind:

If the Watch Tower Society openly admits that Charles Taze Russell DID NOT live during the "presence of our Lord," and, he DID NOT live during the "time of the end," since 1914, as the Jehovah Witnesses say, when the book of Daniel was to be "unsealed" — then how could Russell know anything?

And so, we of the YORWW Congregation must ask this very important question to the Watch Tower Society:

How could Charles Taze Russell have known THE DATE or any other pertinent information concerning a date for Christ's Parousia in 1876 — information that was specifically and clearly stated to be sealed until entering the "time of the end" beginning in 1914?

Yes, how could Charles Russell and literally thousands of his followers (International Bible Students) have come in possession of "sealed" information from the book of Daniel, yes "rove about" even in "true knowledge" 38 years BEFORE that book of the Bible could be unsealed in 1914? (1 Corinthians 4:6)

Really, the Watchtower Society cannot have it both ways. Either the Bible book of Daniel was "sealed" or it was not! C.T. Russell believed it was "unsealed" during his day because of his erroneous belief that he was living in the "time of the end." That is why he believed he had THE DATE — 1914! Accordingly, what the Society teaches on this matter, is a contradiction in itself, when you really, really think about it!

However, again, notice this comment from the Society's publications on the matter. It inconceivably says:

"He [Russell] had correctly linked the Gentile Times with the `seven times' mentioned in the book of Daniel. (Daniel 4:16, 23, 25, 32) True to such calculations, 1914 did mark the end of those times and the birth of God's kingdom in heaven with Christ Jesus as king. Just think of it! Jehovah granted his people that knowledge nearly four decades before those times expired." (See 1975 Yearbook, pg. 37, 2.)

But again, we ask: Jehovah `granted his people what knowledge four decades in advance?' Actually, the facts reveal CT Russell did not have anything correct, relative to the teaching of the doctrine of 1914...when you really, really think about. Nevertheless, the Watch Tower Society wants their membership to believe that the book of Daniel was, in effect, unsealed for Pastor Russell and his followers 38 years before the "time of the end!" Isn't that what they are saying? Think about it. And, if that were the case, obviously that would mean that Jehovah God does not respect His own Word! No, because Jehovah God gave "sealed" information 38 years prior to the "time of the end." Now, does that seem reasonable to you? When have we known Jehovah to go against His own Word? NEVER! — Titus 1:2; Hebrews 6:18.

Therefore, it is obvious that the most important evidence that could be presented which could cause sincere seekers of Truth to doubt the validity of the mathematical formula as well as Russell's date of 1914 is this: it's origination came before the "time of the end" — before the book of Daniel could be "unsealed!" Yes, BEFORE 1914 — the date the Society says starts the "time of the end!" — Watchtower 8/1/81 pg. 23 par. 8

Realistically, regardless of whatever the date of Kingdom Power by Jesus Christ is, 1914 or any other date, NO ONE could know 38 years in advance! Again, that would be in direct contradiction to the aforementioned scriptures in Daniel. And we know, Jehovah NEVER contradicts His Word! His Word always proves true! Think about it. — Isaiah 55:11; Romans 3:4.

End of Part 2.


Questions for article: "The Teaching of 1914 – Sacred Secret or Falsehood?"
(Part 2) -- The Book of Daniel – "Sealed or Unsealed?

1. According to Daniel 12:4, 9, when would this prophetic book be understood or "unsealed?" Why does this statement make it impossible for C. T. Russell to have understood this bible book?

2. In spite of the fact that most Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that C. T. Russell was led to his understanding of the importance of the year of 1914, what does the Watchtower Society admit as to where Russell learned about the 1914 date?

3. What doctrine did Russell eventually develop and teach concerning the "time of the end" and the date of 1914?

4. Since Russell’s predictions failed, what did the Watchtower Society finally do to perpetuate the 1914 date?

5. Russell also taught that Armageddon was to begin in 1914, what did the Watchtower Society do to keep Russell’s image in tact? What prediction did Russell’s make that they were determined to keep so that they could say that he had something right?

6. In the 10/15/90 Watchtower, what statement did the writer make concerning Russell because they believed that he correctly pinpointed the "end of the Gentile Times," even after recognizing that he was wrong in all of his other predictions?

7. What problem does this present for those of us who are looking back at this situation in an attempt to determine if the book of Daniel was unsealed during Russell’s day?

8. What did we as Jehovah’s Witnesses fail to do in imitation of the 1st century Bereans with reference to the 1914 teaching?

9. When considering C. T. Russell’s prophetic explanation from the book of Daniel, what vital point must we take into account?

10. If Jehovah gave Russell "sealed" information 38 years before He stated it would be "unsealed," what would it mean? What can we therefore conclude regarding Russell’s explanations from the book of Daniel?

To get the answers for the review questions CLICK HERE.

"He that is from God listens to the sayings of God..." -- John 8:47

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The Teaching of 1914 -- Sacred Secret Or Falsehood

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Part 3.

Christ Enthroned in 1914 or Before -- Which?

Hebrews 1:3 says:

"He is the reflection of [his] glory and the exact representation of his very being, and he sustains all things by the word of his power; and after he had made a purification for our sins he sat down on the right hand of the Majesty in lofty places."

Above we read, Jesus was allowed to sit down at the "right hand" of His father. What does this Bible expression to "sit upon the throne" mean to the Watchtower Society?

Believe or not, it means absolutely nothing to the Watchtower Society as mentors of all of Jehovah's Witnesses worldwide.

Why do we say such?

Well, it seems the Watchtower Society has taught for many years now, that even though Jesus Christ is in heaven, given God's everlasting favor, and granted the great privilege of sitting at the right hand of God Himself, sitting upon God's Heavenly Throne, he is NOT ruling at all. He is just sitting there, "awaiting" upon his time to start his kingdom rule, which of course comes in the year of 1914, the year "discovered" by Charles Russell. They cite Hebrews 10:12, 13 as their proof.

This teaching is promulgated worldwide, even in the face of Matthew 28:18 which shows Jesus describing his great, all-pervasive "authority" shortly after receiving a powerful, spiritual resurrection to glory by saying,

"...ALL AUTHORITY has been given me in heaven and on the earth."

Now, someone unfamiliar with Watchtower Society teachings (for the past 125 years) might at this point say,

"...this doesn't make sense. How does the Watchtower Society explain the above verse?"

Well, after reading this verse above, the Watchtower Society will heartily agree with you that Jesus has been "given all authority" over heaven and earth. They won't disagree with that verse. But they will insist that Jesus Christ is still NOT ruling in the heavens, even though he has been given all of this power. They teach, he doesn't start "ruling" until 1914. The date the first president of the Watchtower Society, Charles Russell, as some believe "discovered" and revealed to the world by way of Russell's early writings, principally "Zion's Watch Tower".

The Watchtower Society agrees that Jesus was allowed to "sit upon Jehovah's throne" after his heavenly resurrection. But they cite Psalms 110:1 in showing the significance of the date of 1914, which says:

"The utterance of Jehovah to my Lord is: "Sit at my right hand until I place your enemies as a stool for your feet."

They point out that Jehovah gave Jesus the invitation to "sit at my right hand" only. That's it. No "rulership" for Jesus is implied in this above critical statement. They also remind you that Paul quotes from this text at Hebrews 10:12, 13, to re-enforce their position on the matter.

So, the Watch Tower Society teaches that although Jesus has been allowed to "sit upon Jehovah's throne," since his death in the 1st century, Jesus did not receive the "throne" for rulership until the year of 1914. He was not "enthroned". Simply put, he was just allowed to "sit" upon the throne of God, without being actually "ENTHRONED". They say that came much later. They say, Jesus was "ENTHRONED" in the year of 1914. But he was allowed to "sit" upon God's Throne and has been "sitting" there for close to 2,000 years. But he wasn't "enthroned". That's the critical distinction that must be made.

Keep in mind, this explanation of when Jesus is "enthroned" is no small matter, but an extremely important teaching to all Jehovah's Witnesses worldwide, numbering over 6 million to date. It is a very critical teaching because we know many other doctrines, practices and teachings of the Watchtower Society, such as the Authoritarian "Faithful and Discreet Slave" Class Arrangement itself, all hinge upon this particular "understanding" of scripture and its peculiar leanings. So we must not view this as a matter of trivial importance to God's Name People, Jehovah's Witnesses today. (Matt. 24:45-47)

However, Bible research reveals one simple problem with this teaching. Namely this:

It is impossible for an individual to be allowed to sit upon the throne of God, without actually being himself "enthroned". The statement or teaching then, is an impossibility.

Here are a few examples from the Bible to prove this point.


The first one that comes to mind, is the one where King David spoke the Davidic promise to his son, Solomon by saying,

"...If your sons will take care of their way by walking before me in truth...there will not be cut off a man of yours from sitting upon the throne of Israel." (1 Kings 2:4)

By saying this, did David mean "enthronement" or official rulership for his offspring, by saying "sitting upon the throne"? What would you say?

Also, how about the one where Solomon repeated this promise by saying,

"...There will not be cut off a man of yours from before me to sit upon the throne of Israel..." (1 Kings 8:25; 2 Chron. 6:16)

Also in this case, was Solomon implying "rulership" and "enthronement" by saying they would be allowed to "sit upon the throne"?

And here is an even stronger example. The inspired Psalmist was even more specific about the act of "enthroning" and what it meant by this expression, when speaking of Almighty God and saying of God Himself,

"God will hear and answer them, even He that is sitting ENTHRONED as in the past." (Psalms 55:19)

Now we must ask ourselves, what does that expression mean for Almighty God, this "sitting enthroned"? Does not this very expression "sitting enthroned", actually mean "enthronement", as is clearly shown here?

And yet, the Watchtower Society says that Jesus Christ was only "enthroned" in the heavens in the year of 1914, although he has been "sitting upon God's throne" and "given all authority in heaven and upon earth" ever since the first century. That's what they teach.

However, we can see there is no way that anyone could be allowed to "sit upon God's throne" and himself, not actually be "enthroned." That simply does not make good sense!

Clearly Jesus has been empowered as Jehovah's king from his own words found at Matthew 28:18.

So, on our parts, it would be a shameful "exaltation of foolishness" to say, to preach or to teach, that Jesus was going to "receive authority" over earth's affairs in the year of 1914 when he clearly states for the record that he had already received that particular "authority", Godly "authority" over everything right after his resurrection from the dead in the first century. -- Proverbs 14:29

And we read that Jesus even promised his followers,

"To the one that conquers I will grant to sit down with me on my throne, even as I conquered and sat down with my Father on his throne." -- Revelation 3:21

Here again, Jesus promises his faithful followers that they too, would be permitted to "sit upon his throne," if they would "conquer," the same way he had "conquered" and was permitted to "sit upon his father's throne". Nevertheless, in the same way, before they could be permitted this great privilege, they too would have to prove themselves "sons" of Jehovah.

"Anyone conquering will inherit these things, and I shall be his God and he will be my son." -- Revelation 21:7

Jesus points out the prerequisite for "inheriting all these things" was for one to "conquer" and thus show himself to be a "son," in the complete sense of the word. In this way, one would become a "son" and subsequently be "declared" after a period of testing, just as Jesus was. In this way, he would become a "conqueror" like Jesus. And in this way, Jehovah would become his "father" in the final, definitive sense. Paul spoke of Jesus' "declaration" of "sonship" by saying,

"[Jesus] ... who with power was DECLARED God's Son according to the spirit of holiness by means of resurrection from the dead -- yes Jesus Christ our Lord". -- Romans 1:4


An additional scripture that also sheds light on the subject of Christ's authority and all that was given him at his resurrection from death is found at Hebrews 2:8 which says:

"All things you subjected under his feet." For in that he subjected all things to him [God] left nothing that is not subject to him. Now, though, we do not yet see all things in subjection to him."

This is a scripture that the Watchtower Society has NOT spent much time examining in their literature. We see this is so because Hebrews 2:8 shows us "all things have been made subject" to Jesus, since his resurrection.

In fact it says, "[God] has left nothing that is not subject" to him. That's right, "nothing," that was left "not subject" to Jesus' Heavenly Kingdom Authority, yes as early as the first century, as Paul shows.

Therefore, according to this verse, Jesus Christ is in complete control of "all things," and "nothing" is exempt from his authority and control. However, Paul adds this enlightening point for us by saying,

"...though, we do not see all things in subjection to him."

We, today, do not actually see the full power of Jesus demonstrated in "making all things subject" to him. No, even though in actuality everything is "subject" to Jesus right now. Nevertheless, God's Son simply has not totally exercised that power to fully demonstrate his domination over everything. That comes later.

Also, let's consider Paul's words at Colossians 2:10 which says:

"And so you are possessed of a fullness by means of him, who is the head of ALL GOVERNMENT AND AUTHORITY."

Now above, what exactly did Paul say was Jesus' official position toward "ALL government and authority," as of the first century?

Again, this is another verse found in the Greek text that the Watchtower Society does not spend a lot of time, actually explaining. The reason why is obvious. This verse clearly shows Jesus had already gained Heavenly Authority over "all governments and authority" of the first century. Think about it.

Also, let's consider Ephesians 1:20-23 which says:

"with which he has operated in the case of the Christ when he raised him up from the dead and seated him at his right hand in the heavenly places, far above every government and authority and power and lordship and every name named, not only in this system of things, but also in that to come. He also subjected all things under his feet, and made him head over all things to the congregation, which is his body, the fullness of him who fills up all things in all."

In the above verses, Paul used several verbs that are in the past tense, showing Jesus was already enthroned as king, or placed "over all things" in the first century. For instance, in Verses 20 & 21, Paul said Jehovah had already "SEATED" [or enthroned] him at his right hand far above EVERY GOVERNMENT and authority and power. Thus, Jesus was placed far above "every government" or earthly "authority" immediately upon his resurrection to heaven. Also in Verse 22, Paul said God had already "SUBJECTED" [past tense] all things under his feet and MADE [past tense] him HEAD OVER ALL THINGS to the congregation." Moreover, Paul tells us exactly when this occurred when he specifically says "IN THIS system of things," or during Paul's day. Clearly, all of this had taken place during the time Paul and the Ephesians were living, and not later. Therefore, we must conclude inescapably, the heavenly enthronement and exaltation of Jesus, had been completed before this letter was written, and yes, CENTURIES BEFORE the date of 1914.

Now, where is the mystery of any LACK of "authority" given to Jesus, after his resurrection to heavenly life in the first century? Actually, there is none. The above verses show that Jesus Christ, has been given complete "authority" over "every government," every "authority and power," and every "lordship." So if that is the case, then what possible "authority" over any human "governments" could be given to Jesus Christ at the year of 1914?

Jesus is already the "head" of every "government," "authority," "power," and "lordship" already -- pure and of the first century at his resurrection. So then, there is simply nothing, no nothing, by way of Kingdom Authority that can be given Jesus Christ, at this late stage of the game, as of the year of 1914. No, nothing!

And anyone who would teach otherwise, in the face of the scriptures cited above, then would have to be considered grossly incompetent as teachers of God's Word, and completely ignorant what first century christians actually believed and taught publicly about Jesus' Heavenly Kingdom Authority! Think about it. -- See 1 Timothy 4:6, 16; 2 Timothy 3:16, 17; 2 Timothy 4:15, 16.


Paul wrote:

"Next, the end, when he hands over the kingdom to his God and Father, when he has BROUGHT TO NOTHING [or destroyed] all government and all authority and power. For he [Jesus] must rule as king UNTIL God has put all enemies under his feet [or destroyed them]. As the last enemy, death is to be BROUGHT TO NOTHING [or destroyed]." -- 1 Corinthians 15:24-26

As mentioned above, Jesus fully demonstrates his full control and domination over all, AT THE VERY END OF HIS REIGN. This is when Jesus removes all inherited "sin" "sickness" and Adamic "death" from earth's scene. Yes, when Jesus empties the grave, sheol/Hades completely. But when is that?

Well, the bible shows it will be AT THE SAME TIME Jesus also REMOVES ALL HUMAN "government, authority and power." These things all happen at the same time, actually in consecutive order. First, the destruction of all "government, authority and power" at Armageddon. And next, the resurrection and emptying of the graves of mankind. Yes, these two events are connected and need not be separated at all, contrary to what the Watchtower Society teaches on this matter.

How can we prove this?

Well, let's consider Daniel 12:1, 2 which says:

"And during that time Michael will stand up, the great prince who is standing in behalf of the sons of your people. And there will certainly occur a time of distress such as has not been made to occur since there came to be a nation until that time. And during that time your people will escape, every one who is found written down in the book. And there will be many of those asleep in the ground of dust who will wake up, these to indefinitely lasting life and those to reproaches [and] to indefinitely lasting abhorrence."

Yes, as Daniel indicates above, there is no great separation in time between God's destructive day, the time of "great distress" and the awakening of those who are "asleep in the ground of the dust", is there? No, the prophet Daniel does not indicate such an occurrence. No, but Daniel shows these things happen, together, in consecutive order, one after the other. This verse also shows that the earthly resurrection will bring all the dead up together, instantly, and not over a long 1,000 year period, as taught by the Watchtower Society.

So when Jesus rule comes to an end, when it has been finished, and all "government, authority and power" will have been removed from the earth's scene. And then, immediately following this event, "those who are asleep in the ground of dust" will wake up, by way of an earthly resurrection. A resurrection of the "righteous and the unrighteous" as Paul said. -- Acts 24:15

In this way, God's "last enemy", Adamic death will be done away with completely at the beginning of the 1,000 year reign of peace. -- 1 Corinthians 15:26

So these two events work together and need not be separated over a great period of time. Namely when Jesus brings "to nothing all government, authority and power" in complete and utter destruction before God, and lastly empties the common grave of mankind as he promised. -- John 5:28, 29

When Jesus does these two primarily things, when he has accomplished these two things, then Jesus' reign will "end". At this time, in all humiity, Jesus will "hand over the kingdom" to his God and father, Jehovah, and "subject" himself to this One, God Almighty, the Supreme Ruler in the Universe. This is how Jesus' reign in heaven, will end. -- 1 Corinthians 15:24-28

So, in harmony with Jehovah's will, the "enthroned" and reigning heavenly king, Jesus Christ is reigning now and has been doing so for close to 2,000 years. Ever since the first century. However, he simply has not as of yet, fully demonstrated his superiority over "all things" upon earth and their total "subjection" to his power. That comes later when Jesus removes "all government, authority and power" and performs the earthly resurrection from the grave.

Paul spoke of the enthroned Jesus' situation this way by saying,

"As for us, our citizenship exists in the heavens, from which place also we are eagerly waiting for a savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, who will refashion our humiliated body to be conformed to his glorious body according to the operation of the power that he has, even to subject all things to himself. -- Philippians 3:20, 21

Yes, all things will be shown to be "subject" to Jesus, when he destroys all human "governments," "powers," and "authorities." This is when Jesus will DEMONSTRATE such "subjection" to himself. Yes, when he destroys them. Therefore based upon this understanding of matter, is it any wonder Paul wrote,

"But this [man] offered one sacrifice for sins perpetually and sat down at the right hand of God, from then on awaiting until his enemies should be placed as a stool for his feet." -- Hebrews 10:12, 13

Now, the Watchtower Society says this scripture proves Jesus is "awaiting" rulership. He is "sitting" at God's right hand, "awaiting" the year of 1914, so that he can become "enthroned" and BEGIN His rule.

But is that what Paul said? We just read what Paul said of the matter.

Paul said, sure, Jesus is "awaiting" something. But it is not kingdom rule. No, he is not "awaiting" this at all. No, but Paul said that Jesus is "awaiting" or expecting the Word from God to fully demonstrate his "authority" over his "enemies", by placing them "as a stool for his feet." Which means, as Paul states, to "bring them to nothing," or complete and utter destruction. That's what Paul is saying.

"Next, the end, when he hands over the kingdom to his God and Father, when he has BROUGHT TO NOTHING [or destroyed] all government and all authority and power. For he [Jesus] must rule as king UNTIL God has put all enemies under his feet [or destroyed them]. As the last enemy, death is to be BROUGHT TO NOTHING [or destroyed]." (1 Corinthians 15:24-26)

As we have just read, Paul shows that at the end of Jesus' reign, he is allowed to bring his enemies, as "to nothing" or total destruction. Jesus' kingdom or rulership will extend itself until the actual time he is told by God to "put all enemies under his feet", in destruction. He is to "bring them to nothing". All "government and authority and power" upon earth, also inherited "sin" and "death", are all "brought to nothing" at the same time, by Jesus Christ's heavenly rulership. As the scripture says above, "For he must rule as king until..." he accomplishes this for God. And when he accomplishes this, then Jesus' rule ends.



Questions for the article: THE TEACHING OF 1914 -- "SACRED SECRET" OR FALSEHOOD (Part 3) -- Christ Enthroned in 1914 or Before -- Which?

1. According to Hebrews 1:3, where was Jesus allowed to sit when he completed the work that Jehovah gave him to do and was resurrected back to heaven? What does this mean as far as the Watchtower Society is concerned?

2. How do they explain Matthew 28:18? What verses do they use to prove their point?

3. What scriptures help us to understand what the expression "sitting upon the throne" mean?

4. How does Jesus’ statement at Revelation 3:21 show that sitting on his father’s throne means ruling and not a waiting period?

5. What important point does Hebrews 2:8, Colossians 2:10 and Ephesians 1:20-23 highlight as to Jesus’ position as of the first century?

6. What did Paul mean by this statement recorded at Hebrews 2:8 that "though we do not see all things in subjection to him?"

7. After reading the above verses, how would you view anyone who teaches that Jesus had to wait until 1914 to receive kingdom authority?

8. When does Jesus, according to 1 Corinthians 15:24-26, demonstrate that all things are under his control or are in subjection to him and how will he do this?

9. The Watchtower Society teaches that the destruction of all human governments and the resurrection of human dead are separate events with a space of time between them. But how does Daniel 12:1, 2 show that this is not necessarily correct and do these verses show that the resurrection will take place over a long period of time?

10. What does the expression, taken from Psalms 110:1 and recorded by Paul at Hebrews 10:12, 13, "awaiting until his (Jesus’) enemies should be placed as a stool for his feet" not mean as taught by the Watchtower Society but what is the correct understanding according to 1 Corinthians 15:24-26?

To get the answers for the review questions CLICK HERE.

"He that is from God listens to the sayings of God..." -- John 8:47

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