Questions & Answers
Questions for article:
"When That Which is Complete Arrives"

1.  What hidden Divine Disclosure did Paul make as recorded at 1 Corinthians 13:8-10?   ANSWER

2.  What is the official position of the Watchtower Society on when "that which is complete" will arrive?   ANSWER

3.  Why is the year, 1914, not a good indicator of when understanding of Bible prophecy began increasing, and WTS’ continuing use of this date indicates that they lack what?               ANSWER

4.  What does the Greek word "ainigmati" mean and what was Paul indicating when he used it at 1 Corinthians 13:12?               ANSWER

5.   Jehovah’s superior wisdom is highlighted in the way that He allowed only a partial understanding of prophecy in the first century. What major prophecy, recorded in the first Bible book, has He withheld understanding of even up to our day that play a crucial role in the mystery of God being finished? (Revelation 10:7)      ANSWER

6.   How does Revelation 5:1-4 demonstrate how Jehovah keeps humans from understanding prophecies that He does not want them to?     ANSWER

7.   How is the one person worthy "to open these seals" identified at John 14:26, 15:26 and Isaiah 42:1, 6?     ANSWER

8.   Understanding of the many "mysteries" of God found in the Bible is still hidden from all of mankind today. How does 2 Corinthians 12:4 describe these mysteries and why are they so designated?       ANSWER

9.   Who will authorize the speaking of these "unlawful words" to mankind, by whom will they be spoken and to what purpose?            ANSWER

10.  According to Joel 2:28-32, what event is yet to occur that brings into question what is taught by the Watchtower Society concerning whether the "gifts of the spirit" have ceased in our day?         ANSWER
11.   In the first century was all authority invested in a few men who all had equal powers?     ANSWER
12.   In order for a person to correctly interpret God’s inspired word, what will he need to possess? Why is this a reasonable expectation?     ANSWER
13.  Since the Watchtower Society teaches that the "gifts of the spirit" ceased in the first century and therefore do not claim inspiration when they interpret the scriptures, how would you say that they arrive at their understanding of the Bible?   ANSWER
14.   The Watchtower Society uses 1 Corinthians 13:8-10 to support their view that the "gifts of the spirit" ceased in the first century. But when these verses are given a closer look, what do we learn that the Apostle Paul had reference to that was going to be done away with?     ANSWER 
15.   Why did Jehovah allow this hazy, indistinct and obscure understanding of prophecy found in the Greek text to persist down to our day?      ANSWER
16.    If the Watchtower Society teaches that "that which is complete" has already arrived, then what can we expect of their understanding of prophecy? Upon examining their doctrine do we find this to be true in their case? Therefore what conclusion must we draw?     ANSWER