Questions & Answers
Review Questions for article:
"Let’s Observe The Divine Paradigm of Truth"

1.   What fact of truth must we recognize if we are to understand the Bible?          ANSWER

2.   Was Israel’s being granted a covenant relationship with Jehovah due to their own worthiness?         ANSWER

3.   How did they manage to attain this great honor?           ANSWER

4.   How did Israel show that they were totally unworthy of this privilege early on in their history?             ANSWER

5.   What was the real purpose of Jehovah using this undeserving nation and how would this nation benefit?         ANSWER

6.   How could Exodus 19:5, 6 have been fulfilled in the ancient nation of Israel?          ANSWER

What did Peter, as recorded at Acts 3:19-21, say to show how the nation could have benefited had they chosen to repent and turn around?                    ANSWER

8.    What is the complete pattern or paradigm that has been set in the Holy Scriptures?             ANSWER

After their anointing, what could first century believers rightly be called and what necessarily preceded this anointing?  (See Isaiah 54:13)               ANSWER

10.   Since only a “remnant” accepted the spiritual instruction from the anointed seed, how was “all Israel saved” according to Romans 11:25, 26?                ANSWER
11.    How does Peter describe these Gentile believers at 1 Peter 2:7-10?             ANSWER
12.    According to Genesis 22:18, what purpose will this Royal, Priestly Nation serve towards all other nations?          ANSWER
13.    How does Isaiah 2:1-4 describe the attitude of the nations once this Royal Nation has been established in its elevated position?     
14.    What benefits will result to these people due to their seeking Jehovah’s instruction?           ANSWER
15.    According to Isaiah 11:9 and Daniel 12:4, what happy condition will then exist?           ANSWER
16.    How does Zechariah 8:23 show who Jehovah was using to instruct these nations?           ANSWER
17.    What error did the Watchtower Society make in its translation of Zechariah 8:23 and why did they do this?           ANSWER
18.    What does the correct rendering of this verse show and who is being described here?              ANSWER
19.    Revelation 22:17 shows that these ones who benefit from the Abrahamic Seed would also have what privilege?          ANSWER
20.    How long would Jehovah allow Gentiles to become a part of spiritual Israel?  What role would the nation then assume?
21.    Romans 8:19-23 speaks of “the creation” that is waiting for the revealing of the sons of God.  Who does the Watchtower Society say these one represent?           ANSWER
22.    What though do they not want to accept regarding these ones?
23.    How does the YORWW Congregation explain who these individuals were?              ANSWER
24.    Although the “Divine Paradigm” set in the first century did not signal the complete end of things, what else occurred that would complete this pattern at this time according to Luke 19:12-27?
25.    Why is the above information concerning the first century congregation of importance to us today?        ANSWER
26.    What scriptural admonition should we heed as we consider the Divine Pattern set down for us?           ANSWER