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Questions for article:
God's Sacred Secret: The Spirit Of Truth & Elijah (Part 1)

1.   What does the YORWW Congregation believe about the "Spirit of Truth" that is not generally accepted today?                   ANSWER

2.    Why is this view unacceptable to Jehovah’s Witnesses?                ANSWER

3.    In what two Bible books do we find many examples of the holy spirit being personified by the use of pronouns such as "he" or "him," and what might these personifications be pointing  towards?             ANSWER

4.    If the personification of holy spirit does represent a person, and Jehovah has kept this knowledge hidden from mankind, what can we consider this unrevealed truth to be?           ANSWER

5.    Isaiah 42:9 helps us to gain a better understanding of why Jehovah has hidden certain truths from mankind, but what did the translators of the NWT do to cloud the issue even more and why did they do this? How do most translators render this verse?               ANSWER

6.    What do we learn from this verse (Isaiah 42:9) that helps us to understand how Jehovah God will unveil unknown truths of "sacred secrets" to His people?                 ANSWER

7.    According to John 16:13, what is the primary activity of the "spirit of truth?"            ANSWER

8.    Is there any correspondence between what the "Servant" of Isaiah 42:9 and the "spirit of truth" of John 16:13 will do?             ANSWER