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God's Sacred Secret: The Spirit Of Truth & Elijah (Part 3)

23.    How does Acts 3:20, 21 help us in understanding that Jesus will not return to the earth to restore "Israel?"                    ANSWER

24.     How does bible scholar, W. E. Vine, connect Israel’s apostasy with Matthew 19:28 and Acts 3:21 in his book, Vine’s Expository of New Testament Words?              ANSWER

25.    What other name did Jesus link with a "restoration" work at Matthew 17:11? Was he referring to himself in this verse?                  ANSWER

26.    Did John the Baptist fulfill the role of "Elijah" during his day? If not, then why not?            ANSWER

27.    Who then is this "Elijah" who restores God’s people, "Israel?" How does Isaiah 49:5, 6 and Ezekiel 44:3 refer to this one?               ANSWER

28.    How is he a "prophet like Moses" as described in Acts 3:22, 23? Why must the nation of "Israel" listen to him?                 ANSWER

29.    During what period of time will the "palin-genesis" or "regeneration" be accomplished?            ANSWER

30.    In order for "Elijah" to accomplish the tremendous task assigned to him, what must Jehovah endow him with? As a result of this, by what expression is he referred to at Revelation 22:17?                 ANSWER

31.    How important is it that "Elijah" accomplishes his assignment?                 ANSWER
32.    Is it too far-fetched to believe that Jehovah and Jesus would be referring to a man as the personification of holy spirit, the truth? (See Proverbs 8:22-31)             ANSWER
33.    What assignment does the ancient prophet Elijah and the modern-day Elijah have in common? (See Malachi 4:6 and 1 Kings 18:37)          ANSWER
34.    Who is to be given the credit for this arrangement or means by which mankind is restores to God’s favor?       ANSWER
35.    Is there any connection between Genesis 3:15 and Revelation 10:7?              ANSWER
36.    How can it be said that both Jehovah and Jesus sent the "Spirit of Truth?"             ANSWER
37.    By what means does the "spirit of truth" become the firstborn of mankind? (See Psalms 89:27)          ANSWER
38.    What is the mission of the "spirit of truth" as foretold at Isaiah 49:6?               ANSWER