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God's Sacred Secret: The Spirit Of Truth & Elijah (Part 4)

39.    According to Genesis 3:15 between what parties does Jehovah put enmity or hatred?                    ANSWER

40.     Between which of these entities will the real hatred be expressed and where will it take place?              ANSWER

41.    In a typical sense, how was this hatred between Satan’s seed and the Woman’s seed expressed in the first century? (See Acts 4:26-28; Psalms 2:1, 2)                  ANSWER

42.    How will this hatred between these two seeds be expressed in our modern times?           ANSWER

43.    Who is the modern-day ‘seed of the serpent’ and the ‘seed of the woman’ in this drama?              ANSWER

44.    In the final analysis, who will be the one that will destroy Satan?                     ANSWER