How Will God's Immense Chariot Of Ezekiel 10 Affect You?

The future temple of Ezekiel as compared to the temple of the book of Revelation are given close consideration here. Also the mysterious "Chieftain" in Ezekiel's vision is given detail consideration here. Also the prophecy reveals the mysterious National Calamity that befalls God's people, and its mention of a miraculous flowing of "healing," "Living Waters" that flows from this temple for the benefit of mankind. (Ezekiel 47:12)

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How Will God's Immense Chariot Of Ezekiel 10 Affect You?

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Revelation 22:6 says for our benefit:

"These words are faithful and true; yes, Jehovah the God of the inspired expressions of the prophets sent his angel forth to show his slaves the things that must shortly take place.

Truly today, we must always acknowledge Jehovah God, for no information about our future and of God's purposes would be possible if it were not for the love God has for His people. Praise Jah all you people for He has "revealed his confidential matters" to His Servants, the Prophets in our modern day and time. (Amos 3:7). And it is for this reason that we today, know the "story" or "scenario of events" of what is to happen from the bible. (John 16:13) Which means, when we see these things occurring, we are not afraid at all, but we look ever forward to their occurrence. (Luke 21:28).

To start off our discussion, let's consider Ezekiel 1:15-21 and Ezekiel 10:9-13 which says:

As I kept seeing the living creatures, why, look! there was one wheel on the earth beside the living creatures, by the four faces of each. As for the appearance of the wheels and their structure, it was like the glow of chrysolite; and the four of them had one likeness. And their appearance and their structure were just as when a wheel proved to be in the midst of a wheel. When they went they would go on their four respectives sides. They would not turn another way when they went. And as for their rims, they had such height that they caused fearfulness; and their rims were full of eyes all around the four of them. And when the living creatures went, the wheels would go beside them, and when the living creatures were lifted up close alongside them, for the spirit of the living creature was in the wheels. When they went, these would go; and when they stood still, these would stand still; and when they were lifted up from the earth, the wheels would be lifted up close alongside them, for the spirit of the living creature was in the wheels." -- Ezekiel 1:15-21

And I continued to see, and, look! there were four wheels beside the cherubs, one wheel beside the one cherub and one wheel beside the other cherub, and the appearance of the wheels was the glow of a chrysolite stone. And as for their appearance, the four of them had one likeness, just as when a wheel proves to be in the midst of a wheel. When they would go, to their four sides they would go. They would not change direction when they went, because the place to which the head would face, after it they would go. They would not change direction when they went. And all their flesh and their backs and their hands and their wings and the wheels were fulls of eyes all around. The four of them had their wheels. As regards the wheels, to them it was called out in my ears, 'O wheelwork!' " -- Ezekiel 10:9-13

The above mentioned "wheelwork" speaks of God's Coming Chariot which pictures His Visible Organization upon earth, that will ultimately REPLACE the Watchtower Society itself, as His Visible Organization upon earth. (See link below for detailed discussion on how and why God acts to replace His Own Organization.)

See Article Entitled "Jehovah Replaces Unrepentant Watchtower Organization"

The Grand Chariot of Ezekiel's Vision chapter 1 and chapter 10, thus becomes a description of the activity of God's People during this time during Jehovah's "Great Day," where the 200 Million Army for Jehovah, is active. The Giant "Wheels" themselves, and their unique "wheelwork" depict the "hub" or center of activity for the Chariot as described in the bible book of Ezekiel. This 'hub' is the center or focal point of their all-important work or activity of preaching the "good news" to mankind worldwide and their "healing" or "curing" work for God. - Ezekiel 47:12; Revelation 22:3

Of course, a Chariot of such magnitude and such immense size, could not be hidden, and thus would appropriately be amazingly seen by the whole world itself of our times. Yes, all will see this this great feat and see how Jehovah God takes common, ordinary people and organizes them into a Giant Chariot-like arrangement of some 200 Million individuals strong. (Revelation 9:16) In some instances, the bible describes this Grand Chariot of God, as being the miraculous growing of a Giant Tree, coming from a ignominious beginning as a "low," "dry tree" in its beginning state. Yes, the bible describes a certain "low," "dry tree" that suddenly "blossoms" into a Giant Grand Tree of immense proportions, in which all would see and would be able to understand what has occurred, by the majestic Hand of God. Ezekiel 17:22-24 says of this amazing, miraculous situation:

"This is what the Sovereign Lord Jehovah has said: I myself will also take and put some of the lofty tree-top of the cedar; from the top of its twigs I shall pluck off a tender one and I will myself transplant it upon a high and lofty mountain. On the mountain of the height of Israel I shall transplant it, and it will certainly bear boughs and produce fruit and become a majestic cedar. And under it there will actually reside all the birds of every wing; in the shadow of its foliage they will reside. And all the trees of the field will know that I myself, Jehovah, have abased the high tree, have put on high the low tree, have dried up the still-moist tree and have made the dry tree blossom. I myself, Jehovah, have spoken and have done it."

Yes, this above prophecy, given by the prophet Ezekiel, speaks of the very same situation, of the coming 'wheelwork" of the Giant Chariot of God of Ezekiel 10th chapter. As we see, the above prophecy, speaks of a once "low," "dry tree," somehow becoming a grand "majestic cedar" tree of heaven-high proportions, so much so, that "all the birds of every wing" can find lodging in the very "shadow of its foliage," where they now "reside" as their newfound home or perch. And of course, we see it states that "all the trees of the field will know," that Jehovah has indeed done such a marvelous thing as this, causing the Grand Growth of this "Majestic Cedar" of God's making.

Interestingly, we may recall that Jesus himself referred to the "Kingdom of God," being compared to a very small "mustard grain" or tiny "mustard seed," that one day grows to staggering heaven-high proportions too. This miraculous growing of the tiny "mustard grain" yes, reminds us much of the above stated prophecy of Ezekiel 17:22-24. As you know, the "mustard grain" comparison made by Jesus, is found in Mark 4:30-32 where it says:

"And he went on to say: With what are we to liken the kingdom of God, or in what illustration shall we set it out? Like a mustard grain, which at the time it was sown in the ground was the tiniest of all the seeds that are on the earth but when it has been sown, it comes up and becomes greater than all other vegetables and produces great branches, so that the birds of the heaven are able to find lodging under its shadow."

So again, we are talking about, the same situation, the same miracle of God. The "Mustard grain" illustration, the prophecy of the growing of the "Giant Cedar" and the miraculous appearance of the Giant Chariot of Ezekiel 10th chapter, yes are all speaking of the same astounding situation of God's making. A Giant Chariot where everything runs and functions so smoothly and efficiently, to accomplish God's Will of spreading his "good news" kingdom message.

Just think: Have you or has the world ever, ever seen an organization of some 200 million people, yes, run soooooooo smoothly, sooooooo efficiently? I think not! But when all on this earth see this feat, will they identify this extra-ordinary thing with the Creator of all things? Will everyone understand that this could not be accomplished by anyone else and certainly not by any man. But only by the one true God, JEHOVAH. A miracle that will become a "sign" for generation after generations to come! - Isaiah 55:13; Joel 2:2

But a question we can ask ourselves at this time would be: will Jehovah's Witnesses, who also witness this miraculous growth of the tiny Kingdom "Mustard Grain", also see this feat as evidence of their own God's backing? Or will they continue to follow the Watchtower Society as their real god, even after witnessing such a miracle from God? A very interesting question, is it not?

Well, to answer this question, let's consider some key information from the book of Revelation. Let's consider Revelation 9:16-18:

And the number of the armies of cavalry was two myriads of myriads: I heard the number of them. 17 And this is how I saw the horses in the vision, and those seated on them: they had fire-red and hyacinth-blue and sulphur-yellow breastplates; and the heads of the horses were as heads of lions, and out of their mouths fire and smoke and sulphur issued forth. 18 By these three plagues a third of the men were killed, from the fire and the smoke and the sulphur which issued forth from their mouths.

We notice above, this prophecy speaks of the mysterious "200 million" cavalry of God. There is much conjecture of what this particular symbolic scene is actually picturing. Additionally, the above prophecy verse 18, speaks of a certain 'one third' that is plagued by the 200 Million Calvary, and is ultimately "killed" by them. The prophecy indicates that these ones, the "third" are "killed" by fire, smoke, and sulphur that is shown coming from the "mouths" of the "horses" of the 200 million cavalry from God Almighty.

Now let also look a little further in Revelation, at Revelation 9:20, 21 which says::

20 But the rest of the men who were not killed by these plagues did not repent of the works of their hands, so that they should not worship the demons and the idols of gold and silver and copper and stone and wood, which can neither see nor hear nor walk; 21 and they did not repent of their murders nor of their spiritistic practices nor of their fornication nor of their thefts.

The above scene shows us a certain "two thirds" that are considered as the "rest of the men that are not killed" by the activity of the 200 Million Calvary of God. The bible account indicates, this remaining 2/3’s section are those who "did not repent" of their many atrocities and sins they have committed against God. Thus, we see then, the "killing" action, that takes place by the activity of the 200 Million Calvary of God, does not bring the desired results as they should upon those the Calvary is actively attacking. Only "one third" are seen as "repenting" before God, of their bad deeds but not the 2/3s remaining ones.

This above scene, pictures the future conduct and reaction of Jehovah's Witnesses when they witness and are approached by the Giant Chariot Organization of God's making. The above scene shows, 2/3’s of Jehovah's Witnesses, even in the face of such a grand miracle by God, will still put the Watchtower Society before God. Also, it reveals they will not repent or leave the WTS. So we see, the "killing" action taken by the 200 Million Calvary of God, then is a good work, that leads to true "repentance" by those responding to the blistering, compelling message of the 200 Million Calvary.

If we refer back to God's Prophetic Word, we can see that a "killing" action taken by a representative of God, can refer to the effect of one repenting before God.

Hosea 6:5 says:

That is why I shall have to hew [them] by the prophets; I shall have to kill them by the sayings of my mouth. And the judgments upon you will be as the light that goes forth.

Yes, the words of prophets of God can truly cause "repentance" among God's people with this special "killing" action taken by them.

Again, we see the mention of a grand "cavalry" of God, shown by the prophetic message of Joel 2:1-11. It states:

1 "Blow a horn in Zion, O men, and shout a war cry in my holy mountain. Let all the inhabitants of the land get agitated; for the day of Jehovah is coming, for it is near! 2 It is a day of darkness and gloominess, a day of clouds and thick gloom, like light of dawn spread out upon the mountains. "There is a people numerous and mighty; one like it has not been made to exist from the indefinite past, and after it there will be none again to the years of generation after generation. 3 Ahead of it a fire has devoured, and behind it a flame consumes. Like the garden of E´den the land is ahead of it; but behind it is a desolate wilderness, and there has also proved to be nothing thereof escaping. 4 "Its appearance is like the appearance of horses, and like steeds is the way they keep running. 5 As with the sound of chariots on the tops of the mountains they keep skipping about, as with the sound of a flaming fire that is devouring stubble. It is like a mighty people, drawn up in battle order. 6 Because of it, peoples will be in severe pains. As for all faces, they will certainly collect a glow [of excitement]. 7 "Like powerful men they run. Like men of war they go up a wall. And they go each one in his own ways, and they do not alter their paths. 8 And one another they do not shove. As an able-bodied man in his course, they keep going; and should some fall even among the missiles, the [others] do not break off course. 9 "Into the city they rush. On the wall they run. On the houses they go up. Through the windows they go in like the thief. 10 Before it [the] land has become agitated, [the] heavens have rocked. Sun and moon themselves have become dark, and the very stars have withdrawn their brightness. 11 And Jehovah himself will certainly give forth his voice before his military force, for his camp is very numerous. For he who is carrying out his word is mighty; for the day of Jehovah is great and very fear-inspiring, and who can hold up under it?"

Do you see this "cavalry" of horses here in verse 4? Yes, we do. Well, this is the same group mentioned in Revelation 9:16 shown earlier. Also in verse 11, it says they "arise during the Great and fear-inspiring Day of Jehovah." Also, verse 9 speaks of a 'city' that is under attack. Thus, showing those wicked servants of God, that must be attacked by this Grand Calvary of God, yes, .this means the Jehovah's Witnesses as a whole, coming under attack by God's 200 Million Calvary, receiving a fiery "judgment" message! Again, what will be the effect of such a massive spiritual attack upon the organization of Jehovah's Witnesses?

Again, the prophetic book of Revelation reveals this:

7 And the first one blew his trumpet. And there occurred a hail and fire mingled with blood, and it was hurled to the earth; and a third of the earth was burned up, and a third of the trees was burned up, and all the green vegetation was burned up. 8 And the second angel blew his trumpet. And something like a great mountain burning with fire was hurled into the sea. And a third of the sea became blood; 9 and a third of the creatures that are in the sea which have souls died, and a third of the boats were wrecked. 10 And the third angel blew his trumpet. And a great star burning as a lamp fell from heaven, and it fell upon a third of the rivers and upon the fountains of waters. 11 And the name of the star is called Wormwood. And a third of the waters turned into wormwood, and many of the men died from the waters, because these had been made bitter. 12 And the fourth angel blew his trumpet. And a third of the sun was smitten and a third of the moon and a third of the stars, in order that a third of them might be darkened and the day might not have illumination for a third of it, and the night likewise. Above, we notice that after the trumpet blasts are sounded, we see a unique reaction to the "Trumpet" blast, by a particular "third" of those who hear it. A "third of the earth," a "third of the trees," a "third of the sea" a "third of the creatures that are in the sea," a "third of the boats were wrecked." Also, a "third of the rivers " and "fountains of water" are affected. Then too, a "third of the waters turned into wormwood," and "a third of the sun was smitten and a third of the moon and a third of the stars," are adversely affected. Yes, over and over again, we notice a "third" of various things are shown symbolically, to be adversely affected by the sounding of the "Trumpet" of God.

All of the above helps us appreciate, again, the miraculous activity of the coming "Calvary" of God's making, numbering some 200 Million Servants of Jehovah. In fulfillment of Matthew 21:43, the coming Giant Chariot of Ezekiel's vision, the Kingdom "Mustard Grain" that grows to become heaven-high that Jesus spoke of, all picture for us, the advent of the 200 Million Calvary of God, that Joel 2nd chapter spoke of. The nation of Israel of God's making, that truly brings forth the desired "fruit" that Jehovah is awaiting, from finally, an obedient nation that will carry His Name. - Isaiah 44:3-5; Matthew 21:43.


Review Questions For Article: How Will God’s Immense Chariot of Ezekiel 10 Affect You?

1. Why is it possible for God’s People today to know events of the future?

2. What does the Watchtower represent in our present day but what will eventually happen to her?

3. At Ezekiel chapters 1 and 10, Ezekiel records a vision that he had of an immense chariot. What are some of its outstanding features?

4. Who is pictured in Ezekiel Chapters 1 and 10 and what will they accomplish?

5. How else is this “chariot” depicted in the Bible?

6. Who is to be given the credit for the above miraculous growth and what does each entity picture?

7. Will any in the Jehovah’s Witness Organization respond to the activity of the 200 million Cavalry of God?

8. According to Hosea 6:5, what does this “killing action” done by the 200 million mean?

9. How is this “Cavalry” of God, the 200 million, depicted in Joel 2:1-11?

10. What does the “city” that they attack represent?

11. What does Revelation 8:7-12 show will be the effect of this attack on this “city?”

12. What will this immense chariot, this heaven high tree, this mighty army of Jehovah that is spoken of in Bible prophecy finally prove itself to be in harmony with Matthew 21:43?

To get the answers for the review questions CLICK HERE.

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