70 Years Of "Declaring" The Sacred Name Completed!!!

What Scriptural evidence identifies Jehovah's Witnesses today, as God's Name People, Mystery "Israel" of Bible Prophecy? What have Jehovah's Witnesses accomplished more so than any other religion on earth today, in God's eyes? How have Jehovah's Witnesses distinguished themselves over a Special 70-Year Period before God Almighty? (From October 1931 to October 2001) Answers found here.

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70 Years Of "Declaring" The Sacred Name Completed!!!

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[See blog with graphics at: http://www.yorww.com/70years.htm]

Based upon the Jewish Calendar, on this very day in fact, September 29th of 2010 (the date this blog was composed) as recognized by the Jewish nation, yes exactly 79 years ago, a very, very significant spiritual event occurred for God's Name People ... yes, back in October of the year 1931!

Yes, the Jewish nation, indeed does officially recognize this particular day as being the seventh (7th) day of the special celebration called: The Festival of Booths. Perhaps you remember reading about it in the bible at Leviticus 23:33-43. If so, you may remember on one special day of the Grand Celebration itself (The Festival of Booths) the Israelite nation would recognize the day called the "Great Day," or what's called "The Great Hosanna." It is believed in history, that on that very same night, the nation of Babylon, the World Power of Babylon was toppled or proverbially "Fell" (anti-typically shown at Revelation 18:4), as Captors of Israel, God's Name People (to the Medes & Persians) ... yes, said to be upon this same night! Also, we remember it was on this very same day, the "Great Hosanna" many centuries ago that Jesus himself no doubt uttered these most famous words,

"...out from his inmost part streams of living water will flow." (John 7:37, 38 New World Translation)

Then too, in our modern times, on the "Great Hosanna" too, several momentous things have happened. To get insight into such fantastic biblical events, let's pay close attention to the following information. Enjoy! :D

Donald C. Burney


In the Watchtower Society's publication Jehovah's Witnesses -- Proclaimers of God's Kingdom pages 152-153, the following comments were made:

"Starting with the Watchtower magazine of January 1, 1926, the principal article featured the challenging question: 'Who Will Honor Jehovah?' During the next five years (from 1926-1931), The Watchtower discussed some portion of Isaiah 43:10-12 in some 46 separate issues and each time made application of it to true Christians."

Also we note in the footnote on this page, this additional comment was made,

"Among the principal Watchtower articles published during this were, "Jehovah and His Works," "Honor His Name," "A People for His Name," " His Name Exalted," "True and Faithful Witness," "Praise Jehovah!" "Delight Thyself in Jehovah," "Jehovah Supreme," "Vindication of His Name," "His Name," and "Sing Unto Jehovah."

These, as well as many, many more articles were published on the topic of God's Name. Again, these articles covered the years of 1926-1931. -- See Jehovah's Witnesses -- Proclaimers of God's Kingdom, page 152.

The publication continues,

"In 1929 where it was pointed out that the outstanding issue facing all intelligent creation involves the honoring of Jehovah's name. And in connection with the responsibility that Jehovah's servants have regarding this, Isaiah 43:10-12 repeatedly came up for consideration. Thus the facts show that as result of study of the Bible, attention was repeatedly being drawn to their obligation to be witnesses of Jehovah. Of course, it was not the name of a group that was under consideration but the work that they were to do." -- -- See Watchtower publication Jehovah's Witnesses -- Proclaimers of God's Kingdom pages 152-153

Yes, this was to be a very, very special work, spearheaded by Jehovah's Witnesses. To be sure, it was this very special "work" of Declaring God's Name to all the nations, that distinguished this people for God's Name. A weighty responsibility, indeed.

So, as history tells us, in the year of 1931, we find the name of "Jehovah" itself was to be resolutely adopted by a large assembly of "International Bible Students," led by the current President of that organization of Bible Students, in Columbus, Ohio. Later in that same year, we also notice that a particular issue of the Watchtower magazine, the October 15th issue, in an iconoclastic fashion, removed the symbol of the “cross” from the front cover of it for the first time. -- See 1975 Yearbook page 148, par. # 3.

And so, we can clearly see that the nation of Jehovah’s Witnesses had indeed, entered a “covenant” or contractual arrangement with God to carry His personal Name upon themselves. (See Numbers 6:27, Deut. 28:10, 2 Chronicles 7:14, Jeremiah 25:29, Daniel 9:19, Acts 15:14, Hebrews 6:10, and Revelation 14:1.) They had sworn their allegiance and obedience to this same God, the God of Jacob, by way of a public declaration and resolution. They had now taken upon themselves the weighty responsibility that came with becoming, modern day “Israel,” of our times. And of course, Jehovah would himself be obligated now, to hold them to this sworn oath of responsibility. Yes, they would now have to really “live up” to that Great Name of God Almighty.

This is highlighted for us in the publication, Jehovah’s Witnesses – Proclaimers of God’s Kingdom, pg. 156, paragraph # 2 which says:

“THAT, having been bought with the precious blood of Jesus Christ our Lord and Redeemer, justified and begotten by Jehovah God and called to his kingdom, we unhesitatingly declare our entire allegiance and devotion to Jehovah God and his kingdom; that we are servants of Jehovah God commissioned to do a work in his name, and, in obedience to his commandment, to deliver the testimony of Jesus Christ, and to make known to the people that Jehovah is the true and Almighty God; therefore we joyfully embrace and take the name which the mouth of the Lord God has named, and we desire to be known as and called by the name, to wit, Jehovah’s Witnesses. – Isaiah 43:10-12”

And so, we can clearly see that the nation of Jehovah’s Witnesses had indeed, entered a “covenant” or contractual arrangement with God to carry His personal Name upon themselves. They had sworn their allegiance and obedience to this same God, the God of Jacob, by way of a public declaration and resolution. They had now taken upon themselves the weighty responsibility that came with becoming, modern day “Israel,” of our times. And of course, Jehovah would himself be obligated now, to hold them to this sworn oath of responsibility. Yes, they would now have to really “live up” to that Great Name of God Almighty.

After the resolution was adopted to be called or named "Jehovah's Witnesses" as a spiritual nation in July of 1931, it still took some time for all of Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide to get the same information, and resolutely "adopt" it as written, since they were scattered in many different parts of the earth.

Here is a quote from a publication printed by the Watchtower Society that tells exactly how the "historic" adoption was carried out to an earth wide family of Jehovah’s Witnesses scattered throughout the earth.

"Needless to say, this resolution was joyously acclaimed by all present [original convention led by Judge Rutherford], and, in the weeks that followed, at fifty extension conventions in all parts of the earth, Jehovah's people met to add their joyful voices in the embracing of this remarkable NEW NAME." -- See Jehovah's Witnesses In The Divine Purpose page 126, par. #1.

So reasonably, it took some time for all of this to be accomplished throughout the earth, on a global scale.

In accepting the above "resolution", we must remember it is the singular act of "declaring" God's Holy Name to others and/or telling it to others, yes, that brings on the real...real responsibility before God Almighty. -- See Psalms 50:16.

(For more detail information on "declaring" the Divine Name as being the very definition of true worship, see article entitled: The Beginning Of True Worship -- Genesis 4:26 which shows how Jehovah's Witnesses became modern day "Israel" of our times, a "special property" for His Great Name.)

Hence, after adopting this new name and designation for themselves, Jehovah’s Witnesses must now continually be found "Living Up to the Name," as one of the older "Kingdom Songs" sung by all Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide says.

Jehovah's Witness began doing this, "boasting in the Name" of God, and "declaring the Name" of God, by way of the publication called, The Kingdom The Hope of the World, which was released in October 1931. Also, in this publication, contained the original "resolution" about the "new" name Jehovah's Witnesses had adopted worldwide. They had now began, to "Preach The Name" of God to others. -- Psalms 105:1-3; 2 Tim. 2:19

Here is what the Watchtower Society had to say about the actual beginning of their exercising this rare privilege of "Declaring the Name" of God as a united spiritual nation of people, using this new release called The Kingdom The Hope of the World throughout the earth. -- Genesis 12:8; Exodus 33:19; 34:5

"In order that the leaders of the world might be duly notified of this proper designation for Jehovah's people this resolution and the text of Brother Rutherford's convention address were published in the booklet 'The Kingdom The Hope of the World.' Included was another resolution adopted at the convention, again indicting Christendom for her apostasy and for treating Jehovah's counsel with contempt, and proclaiming: "The hope of the world is God's kingdom, and there is no other hope." During October of that year a campaign was conducted by the congregations to visit every clergyman, politician and big businessman in their territories with this booklet. In just the United States and Canada 132,066 booklets were put out in this way. Within the next few months this booklet reached the homes of FIVE MILLION others in all parts of the earth." -- See Jehovah's Witnesses In The Divine Purpose, page 126 paragraph #2.

Jehovah's Witnesses began their historic "Preaching" and "Declaring" of God's Sacred Name in October 1931 ... Exactly 70 Years before the date of October 8th, 2001, exactly when the United Nations NGO Governing Body Liaison was revealed to the public ... 70 Years of Discipline & Training ... 70 Years of holding a "sacred trust", being "called by God's Name" and possessing the "framework of the knowledge of the truth." The sacred trust that serves to "sanctify" them, as a consecrated nation to do God's Will. -- See Numbers 6:27; Romans 2:20; John 17:17.

Thus, Jehovah's Witnesses, in October 1931, became...the spiritual nation of "Israel" of Bible Prophecy. A people who would have to endure severe discipline for open rebellion & disobedience to God...being chased off their land, their spiritual "inheritance." A people who would have to be changed spiritually, from a "land of Decoration" which falls off into "apostasy," bible prophecy indicates, to finally a "Mountain of Decoration," a spiritually elevated plateau. A people who, after severe discipline from God, would be granted the privilege of "dwelling in the center [navel] of the earth." -- Daniel 8:13; 11:32, 41, 45; Isaiah 30:26; Jeremiah 23:19, 20; Micah 4:6,7; Ezekiel 37:23; 38:8-12

Perhaps, some scoff at the above. They wish to mitigate the overwhelming significance of Jehovah's People, attaching themselves to that Most Divine Name. Nevertheless, no matter what we think of this situation, still we have to know, Divine "judgment" is coming upon any who would dare PROFANE God’s Great Name. Yes, any who would dare to profane that Name from among those 7 million people, who actually carry that Divine Name upon themselves present-day, yes those who have even "declared" that Great Name to the world...Since October 1931...for the next 70 Years...till October 2001.

But again, something more, something very significant has occurred, since October 2001. Something that we may not have given any consideration to before. What was it?

Well, simply put, it has been 70 years of "Discipline" from God viewpoint, in carrying that Name for "Israel" [Jehovah’s Witnesses]. And that's why, we can speak of 70 actual years of "discipline" [instruction] have passed for God’s Name People, at the hands of wicked "Babylon The Great" [Watchtower Society], as of October 2001, according to His counting.

And to the exact month, to the exact day even, yes a Great Spiritual "Liberation" has taken place. Yes, an even Greater Liberation, spiritual one, has indeed taken place by the Power of Almighty God. Yes, one that is comparable to the actual "escape" pathway made by God, as of 539 bce for ancient Israel, when Babylon the world power lost its real power and control OVER God's Name People of that time. This Great Liberation effected by Jehovah Himself, that is today indeed comparable to that "Great Fall" of Ancient Babylon, as in ONE NIGHT. Quickly, done...all in one lone October night, historians tell us...strangely enough. Yes, the foretold "fall" of ancient times of Ancient Babylon, is now indeed quite comparable to something that has occurred for us today...for all Jehovah's Witnesses, world wide. -- Revelation 14:8; Revelation 18:2-4

Jehovah God, Himself, has effected, caused a Great "Salvation" to take place on ONE PARTICULAR DAY for Jehovah's Witnesses as a people. We can say this, because on a special "day" in the month of October 2001 -- Jehovah Acted! He acted in behalf of His Own Name People, He acted to "SAVE" His Name People. Yes, it can be proven on that particular day, the exact day the nation of Israel recognizes and celebrates as “The Great Hosanna”, the Great Day of Deliverance and Redemption and “Salvation” for Israel -- God acted! Yes, the "Great Day of Salvation” from our God, Jehovah.

Psalms 118:24, 25 says of this day,

"This is the day that Jehovah has made; We will be joyful and rejoice in it. Ah, now, Jehovah, do save, please! Ah, now, Jehovah, do grant success, please!"

Again, the “Great Day” of Jehovah's Salvation or the “Great Hosanna,” as the nation of Israel used to celebrate, it was at that EXACT time, when Jehovah God moved to expose those dastardly villains of the Governing Body, those unrepentant, NGO supporters of the United Nations for some 10 years previous! Yes, these vile spiritual rebels against Him, were exposed at that time. Yes, Almighty Jehovah God exposed them Monday, October 8th, 2001, exactly 70 years after their getting their start in carrying His Great Name upon themselves in October of 1931. It was that Monday, that the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses put in their request to the United Nations Organization, by way of fax correspondence, to remove their names from the roles of NGO supporters for the United Nations Organization.

So it was on that particular day, that Great Day, that Jehovah God Himself exposed them as being spiritual "traitors" toward Him. God exposed them as "traitors" like Judas Iscariot, the one called the "son of destruction," the prototype for our modern-day "man of lawlessness" of our day. (2 Thessalonians 2:3) It was on that "Great Day", that Almighty God Jehovah, "SAVED" His Name People. Yes, Jehovah exposed them (thus making escape from "Babylon" possible) for all mankind to see, during the week of the 7-Day Celebration of the "festival of booths." Thus, in this unique way, yes ... "BABYLON THE GREAT" FELL, in fulfillment of Bible prophecy! Praise Jah! Now, the cry could go forth, "Get out of her, my people [Israel]." -- Revelation 18:2, 4

And as prophesied, Jehovah again "SAVED" His people by this Great Act of His, and exposed these "criminals", in timely fashion on the "Great Hosanna", the last day of that famous celebration, in the year of 2001. Yes, the "prophets" did indicate that God would do this. They indicate that God "Saves" His People, in the most unique way. And we are "witnesses" that He has done just that! -- See Hosea 1:7; Zechariah 12:7.

Now, we must advise all of modern-day "Israel," Jehovah's Witnesses, to certainly think about that!

Yes, the very ones, the spiritual "nation" that printed a special publication and distributed it to the world back in October 1931, embracing the Divine Name, a people who agreed to be a "people for His Name," and more importantly, a people who agreed to "Declare the Name" to the nations...starting back in October 1931. Exactly 70 years from October 2001, exactly when the Governing Body/United Nations NGO Liaison was first exposed. Think about it! -- See Jehovah's Witnesses In The Divine Purpose page 126; 2 Chronicles 7:14; Daniel 9:19; Psalms 105:1-3

NOTE: Numbers 29:12 and Deuteronomy 16:13-15 shows "Festival of Booths" or "Festival of Ingathering" to be celebrated from Tishri 15 thru 21, for some 7 days. Israelites were told: "and you must become NOTHING BUT JOYFUL" at this Great Celebration. (Deuteronomy 16:15) To verify actual dates for Jewish celebrations for the year of 2001, see this link:


***FOOTNOTE: Today, our prophetic message has been expressed in book form and has been in existence for over a decade. Thus, as a united congregation, the YORWW Congregation, we endorse and sponsor this written 3-volume dissertation, called THE "REPORT" (copyrighted 1994) which explains our views and belief system in greater detail. In the past, Volume I of this publication has been released in soft cover (6X9 size) and placed in various bookstores around the country and overseas, and has been in circulation since the mid-1990s. This book proved to be the very first publication to publicly identify Jehovah's Witnesses as Modern-Day "Israel" of bible prophecy, as of the year 1931. It further asserts, Jehovah's Witnesses as God's Name People are destined to suffer a great spiritual fall (because of practiced wickedness) and later after being disciplined, would finally be restored to greater favor with God, according to bible prophecy. -- See Jeremiah 33:6-9.


Review Questions For The Article: "70 Years Of 'Declaring' The Sacred Name Completed"

1. In 1929, according to the publication, Proclaimers of God’s Kingdom, pages 152, 153, what obligation did the International Bible Students, as the Jehovah’s Witnesses were then called, recognize as their responsibility in harmony with Isaiah 43:10-12?

2. What special work would they perform that would distinguish them from other religions?

3. What action did these Bible Students take in 1931 that showed their resolve to declare that Divine Name, Jehovah?

4. In the years to follow, what would these Bible Students give evidence of and by what means would they do this?

5. What did their entering this contractual agreement mean for them?

6. How were all Bible Students given the opportunity of concurring with that group assembled in Ohio to accept the Name upon themselves?

7. How did this new found nation of Jehovah’s Witnesses began carrying out their now responsibility to “Preach the Name” of God to others?

8. How long would Jehovah’s Witnesses be given the privilege to carry out their work of “Preaching” and “Declaring” God’s Sacred Name and how did they become a consecrated nation?

9. As a result of their being a consecrated nation, what Bible prophecies would be fulfilled upon Jehovah’ Witnesses as “spiritual Israel” due to open rebellion and disobedience to Jehovah?

10. Why is it appropriate to speak of these past seventy years also as seventy years of discipline upon God’s people?

11. How and when did Jehovah effect a great liberation for His people in the year of 2001?

12. How has the YORWW Congregation shown that it is abreast of Bible prophecy and its fulfillment?

To get the answers for the review questions CLICK HERE.

"He that is from God listens to the sayings of God..." -- John 8:47

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