Questions & Answers
Questions for article:
"Godly Inspiration – Can we Identify it Today?"

1.   What do Jehovah’s Witnesses believe regarding direct inspiration today? How do they believe God directs His people in our day and time?      ANSWER

2.   What did the 2/15/81 Watchtower say relative to those who are responsible for writing their publications?     ANSWER

3.   In a statement from the 2/15/81 Watchtower, the writer literally says that in order for Jehovah to inspire a person, that person must be infallible. Do you see anything wrong with this statement?            ANSWER

4.   Does being inspired mean that this is a constant state that this person is in all of the time?            ANSWER

5.    God’s word, the Bible, is basically a book of prophecy, that is, it deals with future events. Therefore, when a person claims to speak for Jehovah, what does Deuteronomy 18:22 say is the proof of this person’s claim?         ANSWER

6.    Does Deuteronomy 18:22 set a time limit as to when the words spoken by a prophet must come true in order that he be declared a true prophet?        ANSWER

7.   How can we use the Watchtower Society’s teaching on 1914 to illustrate this point?          ANSWER

8.    Since the leaders of the Watchtower Society do not claim inspiration, how do they arrive at their interpretations of the inspired scriptures?          ANSWER

9.   What official position does the Governing Body claim for themselves, all the while saying that they are not inspired? Why is this a paradox for some six million Jehovah’s Witnesses?               ANSWER

10.    Luke 24:27 tells us that Jesus interpreted prophecy and he was inspired. Is it reasonable that the Governing Body could do what Jesus did and not be inspired? What does the record show regarding their interpretations?           ANSWER
11.    Is there a difference between being "spirit directed" and being "inspired?"         ANSWER
12.    For what work would Jehovah only send an "inspired prophet" to do and why is it foolish to believe otherwise?                   ANSWER
13.   How has the Watchtower Society made themselves God’s enemy?          ANSWER
14.    When considering Jesus words at Matthew 5:19, what facts should anyone consider before presuming to speak God’s sacred pronouncements or judgment messages?        ANSWER 
15.    What is the result to both the non-inspired prophet and those who listen to him according to Ezekiel 14:9, 10?                   ANSWER
16.    Would you agree that it would be impossible for a non-inspired person to explain inspired utterances? Use 1 Corinthians 12:10 to explain your answer.         ANSWER


17.     According to Jeremiah 23:19, 20, what will happen to God’s people and when will they understand what this discipline means?          ANSWER


18.    If Jehovah’s Witnesses already understand that the above prophecy applies to them, what would it indicate that they possess? How does Amos 3:7 bear this out?          ANSWER


19.     According to John 16:13, is there someone that Jehovah will reveal the future to in these last days and what two primary activities will he accomplish?            ANSWER


20.     Would you agree that the "Spirit of Truth" being able to accomplish the above two activities indicate that he is inspired?              ANSWER