Questions & Answers
Questions for article:
"Jehovah’s Witnesses Re-Generated 
As A Nation from Apostasy!"
Parts 1, 2, & 3

Part 1
1.   Why are Jesus’ words recorded at Matthew 28:20 not apropos during all of this time since the 1st century?            ANSWER

2.   What is the most reasonable time to apply Jesus’ words?     ANSWER

3.   What do Jehovah’s Witnesses believe will happen at Jesus’ second coming, but what does Paul at 1 Corinthians 15:23, 24 tell us it is associated with?               ANSWER

4.   How does 1 Thessalonians 4:15-17 show that ALL anointed ones are taken to heaven at the same time and not over an extended period of time?               ANSWER

5.   According to 1 Corinthians 15:24, when does the earthly resurrection and the destruction of all governments that are in opposition to Jehovah’s government occur?               ANSWER

6.   Why is it not appropriate or reasonable to believe that C. T. Russell or any of his associates were anointed when they were members of the churches of Christendom?              ANSWER

7.   Did the nation that became “Israel” do so as a result of their having been anointed or must they qualify for an anointing after having been “Israel” for a time?              ANSWER

Part 2

8.   What can we glean from Jesus’ words at Matthew 19:28 concerning “Israel?”            ANSWER

9.   How do we know that Jesus was not speaking here of members of 1st century Israel in Matthew 19:28 that needed a spiritual regeneration?               ANSWER

10.   What did this “bath of Regeneration” found at Titus 3:5 mean for 1st century Israel?             ANSWER
11.   How does Vines Expository of New Testament Words under the heading of  “apostasy” help us to understand which Israel Jesus was speaking of at Matthew 19:28?                ANSWER


12.   Under what circumstances did the ancient nation of Israel become God’s Special People, Israel?              ANSWER


13.   What would be required today for a people to be considered modern-day “Israel?”             ANSWER


14.   When did Jehovah’s Witnesses become Modern-day Israel, but what have they yet to receive?             ANSWER


15.   Because they are modern-day Israel, what risk do they face that would not happen to any other of the world’s religions?             ANSWER


16.   Had they been “anointed” upon becoming Israel and “fell away” from truth, what serious position would they have found themselves in?              ANSWER

                                         Part 3

17.   When and where did 1st century members of the ancient nation of Israel experience a palingenesis or spiritual restoration?  (Titus 3:5)                                                 ANSWER


18.       Modern-day Israel must experience what before their worship will be fully acceptable to Jehovah?           ANSWER


19.       What did Paul have reference to at Ephesians 1:8-10 when he spoke of a “gathering together again” of things in the heavens and on earth at the “full limit of the appointed times?           ANSWER


20.       After what event will this “spiritual restoration” or palingenesis occur for earthly Israel?           ANSWER